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Jan. 16th, 2017

New Material coming soon!

Hey Guys! So. I dont know how many of you actually are still here or read my stuff, but I have an announcement. I am putting my YunJae works on hold. The reason? I am currently working on a beautiful new pairing from a different group. I am working on a VKOOK fiction!! I do have some of it written already, but until my editor reads it, I wont be posting things for a little while still. Hope everyone has a prosperous new year!!

Oct. 28th, 2013


Hey guys. I wanted to let everyone know that as of like, a month ago, my Comp completely died, like, dead, took the hardrive out and eveI am using a friends so I dont know when I will be able to get another laptop. WHen I do I will be sure to start updating, as I have started several new fanfictons and plan to write them, at some point, when I have a computer. Anyway. Love you guys!

Feb. 7th, 2013

Journal 1

I am not perfect. I am overweight. I am not society's picture of beautiful. I am far from it. I am not ladylike. My manners aren't exactly finishing school quality. I stay up way into the morning and I sleep until afternoon. I would rather stay home and write than go to a salon. I would rather spend money on a new tattoo than on a new pair of designer shoes. I prefer sweatpants and a tanktop over a 200$ outfit from Macy's. I shop at thriftstores. I'm not rich. I'm short. I wear glasses. I am extremely headstrong. I don't idolize most celebrities. I idolize my grandparents. I have been through so much heartbreak. I have lost people I loved so very much. I have very few REAL friends. I have trust issues. I have several mental problems. I fight too much with my mom. I am scared to love. I am frightened to tell people how I feel, for fear of rejection. I've gotten drunk. I've gotten high on pot. I've stolen, cheated, and lied. I break down too much. I chew my nails. I get angry easily. I let myself be walked on, used, and thrown away because I am afraid to stand up for myself. I've been in a mental ward. I self-harmed for five years. I have been a victim of bullying, and I have been a bully myself. I dropped out of school. I have been a third wheel more times than I can count. I have the worst self esteem ever. My room is messy. I bottle up my emotions and then when I have had all I can take, I shatter. I am flawed.


But I am HUMAN. I feel. I laugh until I can't breath. I cry until I fall asleep. I love with all my heart. I write stories that I am passionate about. I sing 24/7. I hang out with friends. My phone is my lifeline. I sleep. I eat. I love candy. I love music. I love being in theatre productions. I am most comfortable when I am laying on my bed at night texting my friends. I win and I lose. I cook and I bake. I love NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles. I give advice, although I am terrible at following my own advice. I love animals. I love children. I love roadtrips, especially when it is just me and my mom.


So I am not perfect. I am far from it. But I am ME. And if I don't fit in with society's ideals, well they can go sit with the other people who don't like me who are waiting for me to give a fuck. I AM ME. And I am not changing for anyone, or anything. My life. My decisions. NOT theirs.

Jan. 11th, 2013

500 Miles- Part 2

500 Miles
Rating: PG
length: doubleshot
Part: 2/2
Summary: Yunho and Jaejoong have been talking for the past six months....online. One day, Jaejoong asked him if they would ever meet. He then proceeded to tell Yunho that he lived in Seoul...only 500 miles away from him. Yunho answered that he didn't know, because money was very tight. The subject was dropped, and they started to talk about other things. In reality, Yunho had been saving up for a trip like this, and he wanted it to be a surprise for Jae. So the Next day Yunho took off to see the guy he was falling for...in real life. When Yunho finally reaches the mall, he gets butterflies, but he continues to the food court where the unsuspecting Jaejoong awaits. Will jae be happy to see him??????


[The last part of this was done on a messenger app on computers. This part will be done as a text message one, switching back and forth from texting to reality. So. Bear with me. To make it easier on everyone, and myself, Im going to use the same Names as the messaging, except as signatures. So. Here we go. Lets see if this works out well or not. Reminder: Yoochun: MadScientistPwns. Yunho: TigersGoRawr. Changmin: SexyHips. Junsu: DuckButt4Life. Jaejoong: StrawberryPanda]

Send to: Yoochun
Is everything ready for today?

Send to: Yunho
Yep! Everythings good. You in town?

Send to: Yoochun
Yeah. Got here about two this morning. Su is still sleeping at the moment. Im about to wake him up. Jae suspect anything?

Send to: Yunho
No. He just thinks we are going to spend the day at the mall for his A on his assignment he was talking about last night. What time are we supposed to have him there?

Send to: Yoochun
How does 11:30 sound? Its a little after 9 now, gives Su time to wake up and shower.

Send to: Yunho
Sounds good. Everyone here is awake. So I will make breakfast or something, to bide the time.

Send to: Yoochun
Alright. Have him there by 11:30. Be at the food court by 12:15. I need to get him a present before I see him, So that gives me 45 minutes.

Send to: Yunho
Okie dokie! See you soon then!

Send to: Jae
Hey, I'm making breakfast for everyone. Could you and Min come down here? It's almost done.

Send to: Chunnie
Yeah, be down in a minute. I'm worried about Yunho. He hasnt messaged me all morning. He usually messages me right after he wakes up.

Send to: Jae
I'm sure he's alright. He does have work, you know. Maybe his alarm didn't go off and he woke up late and didn't have time to message you. He will be fine, Jae. Don't worry yourself sick. You won't be well enough to go to the mall today if you worry too much. Now. Get down here. Your eggs are getting cold.

Send to: Chunnie
Alright. I'll try not to worry about it. I'll be right there.

Send to: Yunho
At the Mall. Where are you?

Send to: Yoochun
I'm in Hot Topic. Getting Jae's gift. You?

Send to: Yunho
Getting ready to head to the food court. its 12. Jae is kinda down. He is worried because you didn't message him this morning. But hes trying to enjoy himself. See you in about 15 minutes.

Send To: Yoochun
Okay. Be there soon.

Jaejoong, Yoochun and Changmin walked into the foodcourt, sitting down in the booth that Yoochun pointed out. Changmin focused on his water, sipping it quietly. Yoochun checked his watch, and Jaejoon glanced down at his smartphone anxiously.

"He should have messaged me by now, Chunnie. Somethings wrong." Jae whined, biting his lip worriedly.

"Would you calm down, Jae? I'm almost 100% sure that Hes fine." He glanced up at the entrance to the food court, which Jae had his back to. " Stop worrying. Now. Figure out what you want to eat." He said, glancing down at the menu, pretending to be looking at what he was going to get.

Changmin kept an eye on the entrance, watching for Yunho and Junsu. He spotted them among a group of people that had wandered in, and tapped on Yoochun's foot. Yoochun looked up as the waitress came over, signaling with a smile for The two strangers to sit down in the booth behind Jaejoong.

"What would you like to eat?" The waitress asked.

"Oh. I want the chefs special. It sounds do delicious," Chun said, smiling at her. The two others ordered the same, and the waitress was on her way, their ticket in her hand.


Yunho glanced at Yoochun, who could see him. He pointed to his watch, and Yoochun looked at changmin, who could signal easier, as he was sitting on the outside of the booth. Yunho nodded when Changmin gave the signal to sit still, and then held up the number 5 with his fingers, meaning that in five minutes, Su was to "go to the bathroom" and look at thier table. Yunho fiddled with his straw.

"Ugh! Why do we have to wait, Yunho?" Junsu whispered in his brothers ear, so Jae wouldnt be able to hear him.

"Because it was planned this way." He responded, glancing at Changmins fingers, which now made the number 2. "Youve got two minutes. Now. Remember. You are to walk past their table and glance at them, long enough for Jae to wonder if it was you. Then be on your way, circle around, and come back and sit down." He whispered, his voice low. His brother nodded. He glanced back at Changmin's fingers, which had all but disappeared. He nudged Su, and Su got up, exhaling and starting his mission.


Jae looked around, his eyes full of worry. "Chunnie, how can I enjoy myself when I am so worried about Yun-" He stopped mid sentence as he saw a very familiar face glance at their table, and keep walking. Jae snapped his head back and looked at Yoochun, wide-eyed. "Chun! Oh my God! I think I just saw Junsu!" He stammered, trying to form a sentence.

Yoochun glanced up from his phone, which he had been playing on. "Oh? Where?" He said, looking around, pretending not to see him sit back down with Yunho. "I don't see him. Must've been your imagination, Jae. Yunho had work today, remember?"

Jaejoong sighed and nodded. "Yeah, I guess it's just my mind playing tricks on me." he said, shaking his head and taking a sip of his drink. They sat like that for a few minutes, Jaejoong lost in thought over his drink, Changmin enjoying his salad that he had ordered before his main course, and Yoochun playing with his phone.

Yoochun signaled that it was Changmin's turn to get up, tapping his foot lightly on Changmins. Changmin cleared his throat and stood up, looking at the two sharing the booth with him. "I am going to see what is taking so long with our main course. I'm starving. I will be back in a second." He said, stepping away from the booth and taking a couple steps toward the front, pausing in front of the booth that Yunho and Junsu were seated at.

Changmin pretended to be surprised. "Yunho?" he said, loud enough for Jae to hear him. "Is that you? What are you doing here? You are a long way from home." He finished, motioning for Yunho and Junsu to stand up and hug him"

Jaejoong almost spit up his water. Now he knew Changmin was just being an asshole. He turned around in the booth. "Changmin, you have got to be the worst brother I have ever-" He stopped short when he saw Yunho, standing there with a smile on his face and a box wrapped in blue tissue paper tucked under his arm"

Yunho spoke softly. "Hi Jae. I um. I wanted to surprise you. I thought you might like to see me. I know I wanted to see you." He set down the box, but before he could stand straight again, Jaejoong was out of the booth and clinging to Yunho, crying softly. Yunho wrapped his arms around the smaller man, Smiling softly.

"Yunho, why are you here? I didn't ever think you would come see-" He was silenced by the mans finger on his lips. He looked up with wide eyes at the man he was clinging too.

"Jae, Yoochun was right about something last night. When he said that I was in denial about feelings. Because the truth is, I fell for you a long time ago. And when you scuttled offline so fast last night, I knew thats how you felt too. So, with the help of my brother and your two, we planned this. This whole trip to the mall was a set up." He looked down at Jae, his eyes searching the pale childlike face of the one clinging to him. "I know you were worried. Im sorry. But I really hope you aren't mad..." he added, a worried expression flashing across his face.

Jaejoong smiled and touched Yunho's cheek. "How could I ever be mad at you, Yunnie. You have and always will be the only one I love. I am so glad that you and the others decided to surprise me. You have no idea how happy you have made me." He said, standing up straight, looking into Yunhos eyes, smiling softly.

Yunho grinned. He leaned forward a little, his lips hovering an inch from Jaejoong's. "Good. Because I love you too, Jae." He whispered softly, before taking the smaller mans lips with his, kissing him softly and lovingly.

The three other men, who were standing beside them, smiled and clapped. Junsu, who had been holding onto Yoochuns hand, giggled. Changmin smiled and patted Yoochun on the back for a job well done. "Well, Yoochun, you did good. This plan worked out flawlessly. And It ended just like we wanted it to. Except for one thing." Changmin decreed, Looking at his brothers.

Yoochun eyed him suspiciously, glancing at the others before returning his gaze to Changmin. "What would that one thing be?" He questioned, puzzled.

Chagmin smiled. "I didn't get to finish my food." He laughed as the others punched him playfully. They all sat down and enjoyed their food together, and after they were finished, Yunho handed Jae the box he had been holding onto.

Jaejoong opened it, and went wide eyed when he saw the belt that he had wanted that he could never get because he never had the money for it. He looked up at Yunho, who was smiling like an idiot. "Yunho, I told you I wanted this months ago...I never thought you would actually get it for me..." He said, running his fingers over the leather studded with metal ravens

Yunho laughed and held Jae close. "Well I got it for you. And I know you like it." He said, kissing Jae's forehead. He was so happy to be holding HIS Jae in his arms. It felt so right. And hopefully if everything went like he wanted it to, He would be this happy till the end of his life.


A/N: Yes. It has been a LONG time since I put up Part one of "500 Miles" And the plot changed a bit, as well as the summary. but all is well. I finally finished it, and now thats TWO down, (I just finished "Fighter" as well) And like...a million more ideas to go. lol. Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this. It was kind of hard writing it in different styles, going from A messaging type story, to a Texting type story, to one that had real dialogue. So forgive me if its a bit harsh. *hands out Yunjae! cookies* I love you all! And dont forget to ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH!!

Fighter- Chapter 12

Genre: Drama and romance
Rating: overall pg-13
Author: darkangel342
Length: Chaptered [12/12]
Summary: Jaejoong has just gotten out of an abusive and controlling relationship with Siwon. He turns to his best friend Yunho for help and they fall in love. Siwon learns of their newly found love and becomes extremely pissed. He decides to go and kidnap Jaejoong and his plan follows through. Yunho learns of Jae's disappearance and figures out that Siwon has taken him hostage and wants to make a sex slave out of him. Yunho goes after this deranged stalker ex-boyfriend with the help of his friends Yoochun. Junsu and his best friend Changmin, who works as an undercover Detective. Can the four save Jae before Siwon tires of him and does something completely unnecessary?

They stood outside the warehouse as Changmin put Siwon into a squadcar. Yunho sat in the back of an ambulance as they cleaned up his arm, cleaning the wound and placing bandages over it, as it had stopped oozing blood. They taped the gauze to his arm, and wrapped it in an ACE bandage to keep pressure on it.

Jaejoong sat in the back of the ambulance parked next to the one Yunho was in, watching them patch him up and waiting to be patched up himself. They assessed his chain burns and put cold cloth bandages around each wrist, wrapping them in ace bandages as well. They finished with Jae's arms and released him, Jae walking over to Yunho and patiently waiting for them to finish with his wound.

The other boys were giving statements to the police about what had happened in that warehouse. They were visibly shaken, each one holding tightly to another boy. They each had the same story: Jaejoong had been kidnapped from the apartment, and Changmin went undercover to find him. They found him in the warehouse, and all hell broke loose. Siwon stabbed Yunho and then Changmin got to him and arrested him.

The medics finished patching up Yunhos arm, and he stood up,engulfing Jaejoong in a bear hug. "I love you, Kim Jaejoong." He said, kissing Jae on the forehead. Oh how he had missed the feel of someone in his arms. Especially his Jaejoong.

"I love you too, Jung Yunho" he replied weakly, drained from everything that had happened in the past week. He kissed Yunho softly, wrapping his arms around his neck. Then he smiled. "You are my hero."

Yunho chuckled and held the frail boy in his arms. "No thanks are neccessary, sir. Just doing my job." He winked, and kissed Jae on the tip of the nose. Jaejoong giggled, clinging to the taller man.

"Over here guys!" Taemin yelled, walking out beside the ambulance. "I found them!" A group of eager boys came running up to Jaejoong and Yunho, asking a billion things at once.

Yunho cleared his throat and the boys ceased talking. "Guys, we have been through a lot today...and I want to thank you all for being here to help me....I couldn't have done it without all of you," he said, almost to the point of tears. He opened his arms and every single one of the boys that were standing there flew into them, centering the hug around Jaejoong.

"Guys come on...your squishing me..." Jaejoong laughed, hugging all of them tightly.

"We are so glad you are safe." Junsu said, sqeezing Jaejoong on the arm tenderly.

"Yeah." Yoochun chipped in. "And I'm glad we got to play a part in your rescue. That was fun."

Changmin, Who had finished giving his report to the police, sauntered over to the ambulance."Chun, Near-Death-Experiences are anything but fun." He directed his next statement to the lot of the boys. "We have been through hell today. And I don't expect anything to get better overnight. Its been a long day. I suggest we all go home and get some sleep." He said, glancing at Jaejoong.

Jaejoong caught the glance and smiled. "I would LOVE to get some sleep. But right now, I just wanna be with all of you guys. You guys saved my life. And I can never thank you enough." He said, tears blurring his vision.

Yunho saw this and wiped Jaes eyes softly with his thumbs "You are the one thing I could never live without, Jae" Youre everything I ever wanted..." he paused, choking back happy tears, "Everything I ever needed." He smiled, leaning down and whispering. "I love you so much Jae." He said, kissing him softly on the lips.

The other boys watched this and smiled, hoping that one day they would find a love like that. Yoochun gripped Junsus hand, Taemin giggled and hid behind Changmin, and Changmin shook his head.

"You guys are so cute," Junsu laughed, picking on the two lovers. "It's no wonder that you two fell for each other."

"Yeah, Junsu is right. You guys are like, perfect for each other," Taemin added, running up to Yunho and Jaejoong and hugging them both. They hugged Taemin and laughed whole-heartedly.

Jaejoong grabbed Yunhos hand and squeezed it. "Can we go home now?" he asked.

Yunho smiled and kissed Jae on the nose. "Yeah, Lets go home," he replied. So the boys and their friends returned to the home of TVXQ and celebrated the return of their precious Jaejoong.

A/N: Aaaaaaaaaaaand.....Three YEARS after the first line of Fighter was written, IT IS FINISHED! :D I apologize for al lthe delays, and the like, And the ending, my brain didnt wanna do anything for me other than something like "and they lived happily ever after". But I like how it turned out, and Im SO glad its finished. I hope everyone Enjoys the rest of this, because it took me FOREVER to finish it. I know. Im lame. But its done and I can start finishing some other ones that I have in the process. like 500 Miles. I can finish that one finally. hopefully. Im not sure. >.< Anyway, love you all! *hands out YunJae! cookies*

Dec. 22nd, 2011

Fighter Chapter 11

Genre: Drama and romance
Rating: overall pg-13
Author: darkangel342
Length: Chaptered [11/12]
Summary: Jaejoong has just gotten out of an abusive and controlling relationship with Siwon. He turns to his best friend Yunho for help and they fall in love. Siwon learns of their newly found love and becomes extremely pissed. He decides to go and kidnap Jaejoong and his plan follows through. Yunho learns of Jae's disappearance and figures out that Siwon has taken him hostage and wants to make a sex slave out of him. Yunho goes after this deranged stalker ex-boyfriend with the help of his friends Yoochun. Junsu and his best friend Changmin, who works as an undercover Detective. Can the four save Jae before Siwon tires of him and does something completely unnecessary?

"Gah I cant sleep." Yunho thought to himself, rolling onto his back to face the ceiling. "Yet I can't help but feel that something is wrong...What if we dont get there in time...What if Siwon kills him before we have a chance to save him.....Ah well. Best not to worry about these things. Maybe if I clear my mind I can sleep..."

He woke the next morning at seven AM. To his surprise, he was only the second one awake. The first to wake was Junsu, as per usual.

"Good morning Yunho. Did you sleep okay?" He said, as he was pouring himself a cup of coffee. "Do you want a cup?" He asked the man in the doorway.

Yunho shook his head. "No, Thank you. And I guess I slept fairly well, considering my mind was racing almost all night." He answered, walking into the kitchen and sitting down at the table. "I think that I will sleep better tonight when I have my Jae wrapped in my arms" He added, while the lump in his throat grew larger. " I have waited so long for him, and when he came to me I thought I was never going to lose him...but then came Siwon and he took him, out from under our noses! How could I have been so stupid to leave him unguarded! I was an idiot" He scolded himself.

Junsu hugged him "Yunho, there is nothing any one of us could have done to prevent this. It was bound to happen. And you know we will get him back. Yunho. You will have your Jaejoong back. Wether something goes wrong today or not, you will always have Jaejoong. And you will always have us." he said, kissing the mans cheek, which was something he did often.

Yunho smiled at Su. "Thank you Su. I really needed that" he said, hugging him. Yunho stood and walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, taking a seat on the recliner. He was hugged from behind by Taemin, Who had just woken up.

"Good morning Yunho! Today is the big day. We finally get to have our Jaejoong back." Taemin said gleefully.

"Yes. We finally get him back." Yunho said absentmindedly. He was too absorbed in thought to really hear Taemin ask him when they were to leave. "Hmm? Oh. we will leave as soon as Changmin calls and tells us its safe." He said absentmindedly. He bit his lip as he thought about the things they were to do today.

Yunhos phone rang and he jumped off the couch to get it. He answered it quickly. "Changmin!?!.....Yeah we are all awake......He just left.....okay be there soon....." He hung up the phone. "Its time." he said, and everyone loaded up thier stuff.

They arrived at the warehouse fifteen minutes after Changmin called. It was a small building no larger then a two bedroom home, but had security cameras all over it. They disabled the cameras from the computer changmin had brought along and then went inside. they ran through the warehouse, looking everywhere for Jaejoong.

"H--hello?" An angelic voice called. It was him.

"Jae! Where are you!" Yunho called, running toward the voice.

"In here" he returned, as the darker man bust through the door. he sighed and smiled warily, then remembered what Siwon had told him. "Guys you have to go. Siwon will be here any minute...he knew you guys were coming. You guys have to leave!" he pleaded with Yunho but to no avail.

"There is no way I'm leaving you here. Kim Jaejoong i just got you and there is no way this bastard is going to take you away from me. even if i have to kill him myself." Yunho said to him, not noticing that someone else had entered the room.

"Oh yeah? How you gonna kill me when i have the gun pointed at you, Yunho?" Siwons voice was clear and Yunho heard the click of a gun cocking. he turned around and was face first in the barrel of Siwons gun. "So what are you going to do. I might as well kill you now. he said as he started to squeeze the trigger.


"No!" Jaejoong screamed and strained against the hold of the Handcuffs that were holding him to the bed. His adrenaline rushed, and he couldnt take his eyes off of Yunho. As Jaejoong strained,Yunho gulped and his mouth went dry. His eyes widened, his face going pale. His spine froze, the adrenaline not allowing him to move out of the Guns range. His heart started beating faster and faster, straining agaisnt his chest. his fists clenched tight at his sides, his knuckles turning white. He closed his eyes and drew in what he thought would be his last breath. It was over..He was dead....

"Dont shoot! Police!" Changmin yelled from the other room, breaking open the door with his foot. He pointed his pistol at Siwons head and cocked the gun. "Im not afraid to shoot your sorry ass...."

Siwon chuckled and turned to Changmin, keeping the gun on Yunhos head. "You really think I am afraid of you? You are helpless. You shoot me, and I shoot him. Either way, You lose. You ALL lose...Jaejoong is mine.." He said, angry.

"Jaejoong isnt property, Siwon...Jaejoong is a person.." Changmin said calmy, trying to reason with the mad man

"NO. Hes my property...you took him from me. And I wont let that happen again!" Siwon said, redfaced and angrier then Jae had ever seen him before. "I will not let you take him away from me. He is MINE. Got that? MINE!" He yelled, spit flying everywhere.

Jae whimpered. "Siwon please...I'll stay with you...just let Yunho go..Please..." He begged, Crying harder then he had ever cried before. He still strained against the handcuffs, the metal rubbing his wrists raw.

"SHUT UP!" Siwon barked, and Jae went silent, begging Yunho and Changmin with his eyes to do something. Siwon turned his attention back to Changmin. "So, What are you going to do? You shoot and I shoot. Its a no-win situation. But I will still get the last word." He said calmly.

"Siwon. Put the gun down." Changmin said calmly. "Jaejoong is well old enough and capable enough to choose who he wants to be with. You abused him, Siwon. Its no wonder he wanted to get out of the relationship. And now you kidnapped him. Why would he want to be with someone like you?" He said, asking Siwon seriously.

"Because I love him! I am better then all of you! I shower him with gifts and nice things! What else could Jae ever want." Siwon yelled, glancing at Jaejoong. He smiled widely. "What could you give him that I couldnt?"

"This." Yunho said, grabbing Siwons arm and elbowing him in the ribs. Siwon cried out, dropping the gun and holding his side. Yunho bent down and grabbed the gun, pointing it at Siwon. " You dont love him, Siwon. You love the sex. You love the feeling of being dominant over him. I, on the other hand," Yunho said boldy, looking straight into Siwons eyes, "love Jaejoong. He is everything I could dream of...loving...kind...better without you. You abused him....I wouldnt harm a hair on his head. Theres a difference between you and I, Siwon. You are nothing but a coward who hides behind abuse. I came here to rescue Jae, and that is exactly what I am going to do." Yunho said furiously, aiming the gun at Siwons forehead. "God I wish I could shoot you.." he mumbled.

Siwon chuckled. "You honestly think I am afraid of you, Jung Yunho? The 'fearless' leader of DBSK? You're wrong. You're DEAD wrong." he said, stepping closer the leader and reaching into his pocket. He pulled out a small pocketknife and threw it at yunho. Yunho tried to dodge the knife, but it hit him in the arm. He dropped the gun and held his arm, cursing at Siwon.

"You stupid son-of-a-bitch..." Yunho muttered as a shot rang out. The round hit Siwon in the leg, causing him to go down and scream out in pain. Siwon hit the ground hard. His leg poured out blood as he writhed in anguish. Changmin rushed over to him, clasping his hands behind his back.

"Siwon Choi, you are under arrest for the kidnapping and exploitation of Kim Jaejoong. And the attempted murder of Jung Yunho." He stated calmly as he placed the handcuffs around Siwons wrists.

"Yunho!" Jaejoong exclaimed as Yunho rushed over to the bed, grabbing at the handcuffs.

"Key...I need a key!" Yunho yelled to changmin as he frantically tried to pull the handcuffs away from the bed.

"Here." Changmin tossed a keyring at him. "Its the smallest key on there." Yunho fumbled with the keys for a few moments and found the key to the cuffs. He shoved the key into the lock and the handcuffs clicked open, releasing Jaejoong from his bonds. The frail blond boy collapsed into Yunho's awaiting arms. He was a puddle of tears as he gripped the strong mans shoulders tightly.

"Shhhh....Its over, Jaejoong. I've got you." Yunho said softly, carressing Jaejoong's hair. It was over.

May. 21st, 2011


oKAY YOU GUYS. i know i havent updated fighter, but that is because i have not written the next chapter...truth is i am having troubles writing. tftcproductions is helping me, but if anyone else has any ideas, i could use them.

May. 13th, 2011

Is it Love ? Or is it Bloodlust Part Three/Three

               Yunho woke to find Jae sleeping right beside him. He felt different, like something was new. He looked around, finding that everything in the room was brighter. His cat was sleeping, but he noticed he could hear something within his cat, He didnt know what it was, and he chewed his lip. He howled in pain, and touched his lip to find it was bleeding. He jumped up and ran to the mirror, and to his amazement he could not see himself. He felt around his mouth and what he found was no less than frightening. He had fangs. He ran frantically over to Jaejoong (he had learned his name last night during their excitement) and shook him awake.

                         "what is it" He asked groggily, wiping at his eyes. Yunho pointed at his fangs. That jolted Jae awake. FUCK. At some point last night during thier adventure, he had bitten him. And evidently started the turning process. Yunho was going to be a vampire. Well. At least he could spend eternity with him and neither of them would grow old. That was a plus. But did Yunho even want to become a vampire? He would have to teach him the rules of the Nightwalkers.

Rule #1: Never Kill those with children in thier homes.

Rule #2: Never Kill children. Unless you want a child. THen and ONLY then may you sire one.

Rulw #3: Once you were mated with someone, you were to stay with that mate through all eternity. And you were sterile from the moment you were turned into a vampire, so if you wanted a child you would have to have the permission of your mate and a chold that was an orphan. One with a family could get potentially dangerous.

Rule #4: never show yourself in the daylight. Sunburns are aweful, so thats why they made this rule.

                     Jae explained these rules to Yunho and also explained the process of changing. " It hurts alot, and you will suffer tremendous pain as your heart begins to stop. You cannot see yourself in the mirror, it is a given fact that i do not really know why is. You will be confined to your bed for three days, and during that time you will drink blood only from my wrist. That will keep the process going. Your jawline will hurt as your teeth reshape, and your tongue will become more narrow. You will crave blood all the time, but you are not to leave this bed. You fear not. I am here and I will help you through this process. I will not leave your side, I will be with you always. I promise." He said to him.

              He kissed the man on the bed next to him. He knew he loved him from the moment he saw him those two nights ago. It was hard not to love someone whose hearts and eyes pleaded with him to be loved. He stood to go around the bed to the bathroom, but Yunho stopped him. "Tell my why you came back. I want to know" He demanded of Jaejoong.

            " I came back because i wanted to spend every moment with you, every second of every day. I fell in love with you the moment I laid eyes on you/. You are the only one for me." he answered, kissing Yunho one last time before disappearing into the bathroom. Yunhos jaw dropped. Jaejoong Loved him. And he was falling in love with Him as well.


              Yunho howled in pain. "God dammit," he thought, "Jae was right. this hurts like a motherfucker." He had never experienced this much pain. He wanted to curl up into a ball and cry himself to sleep, never to wake up again. Thats how bad this turning process hurt. Jae sat next to him and dabbed his forehead with a damp cloth. His teeth had stopped growing, but his chest still hurt like no tomorrow. His breathing was shallow, which meant that his heart could stop at any time now. Jaejoong continued to dab at his forehead with a cool cloth.

          "Jae, I'm so hungry." he would say. "And why dont you just let me get up and eat for once?" He would cry out angrily. And every time he cried out, Jae would silently and swiftly cut his wrist, and put it up to Yunhos mouth.

                   "Drink" he would say to him demandingly. And Yunho would do as he was told, sinking his teeth into Jae's wrist everytime, lapping up the metallic liquid, tasting every single drop. After being drained, Jaejoong would stand up and hurry to the bathroom. letting it heal under the rush of the hot water, the runoff pink with his blood. When he came back into the room, Yunhos heart had stopped. He saw the pain flash in his lovers eyes as the last living part of him ceased to function. He swiftly crossed the room, sweeping Yunho up in one swift motion, and hugged him to his chest.

             "Its alright love. I am here. I wont ever leave you. I promise." He caressed Yunhos cheek. They were now one. One species. One heart. One soul. Together they could rule the world. Together they would be for all eternity. An Eternity filled with love. With compassion. And not to mention Mind blowing sex. And Yunho was his, and he was Yunho's. Forever. And that is exactly how he wanted it to be.


A/N: OMG IM SO PROUD OF MYSELF FOR FINISHING A STORY!!!!!!!!!!  -pats herself on the back- Hope you guys like it. its nothing special, but then again it was written when i had nothing else to do. Still having problems on Fighters Fight sceene, as per usual. If anyone has any ideas, i am open for suggestions. Lots of love and YunJae cookes!

May. 11th, 2011

Is it Love ? Or is it Bloodlust Part Two/Three

              Jaejoong awoke the next night to an aching, searing pain, A need to see the human again. He had to. He flew ouuta his bed and dressed quickly. Putting on a muscle shirt and and a pair of tight jeans and tennis shoues and bolted out of his apartment. He ran to the sidewalk, pulling on his jacket over his shirt. God it was cold outside. But he didnt care. All he wanted was to see him, touch him, Spend eternity with him. To spend hours and hours on end making passionate love to the human, maybe even make him one of his kind. He rushed through the streets, hurring betweeen houses and alleyways, frantically searching for the Victorian house.

            After about ten minutes of searching he finally found it, and was shocked when he found the back door opened just a crack. He silently thanked God for his luck and stepped inside. His legs twitched wanting to go up that marvelous staircase, but he knew he needed a moment to calm himself.  He looked into a mirrow and found he was a mess. He shoved a hand through his messy hair, fixed his jacket and took a few deep, calming breaths. He walked to the staircase and ran his hand across the smooth Mahogany surface. He started up the staircase, wiling his steps to be as quiet as a mouse. He reached the landing and his heart jumped. The bedroom door was wide open. Hope jumped in his chest as he slowly walked down the long hallway, He stalled when he got to the door. he didnt know why the door was open, or what was awaiting him inside.

          He summoned up all the strength he had and he saw the man, just sitting there, watching him.  His jaw automatically dropped when he saw what the man had on. He was Fucking sexy. He wore nothing but his boxers, showing off his amazing chest and abdomen. DAMN those muscles were amazing! How he longed to touch them. He took a step closer, and the man smiled at him. And oh what a smile it was. A few more small steps and he was right there, right next to the bed that this gorgeous man was sitting on. He opened his mouth to speak, but the man  lurched forward, pulling him onto the bed and claiming Jaejoongs mouth with his, silencing any thoughts he could voice.

               Jae moaned into the other mands mouth, snaking his arms around his neck. God he tasted amazing. Like everything he ever emagined. The mans hand snaked under his jacket, taking it off in one single motion. The man skimmed his fingers down Jae's long alabaster colored arms, and they spasmed under his touch. Jae broke the kiss long enough to find out the Mans name: Yunho. Jung Yunho.  Jae moaned as Yunho tore the shirt off of him and flicked one nipple with is finger. Yunhos head bent as he suckled on one nipple,, while his hand fondled the other. Jaes hand snaked down to Yunhos boxers, palming the throbbing goodness hidden inside them. This made the man moan and bite Jaes nipple even Harder.

                Jae snaked his way off the bed and onto his knees on the floor. He pulled Yunho to the side of the bed with his hips and removed his boxers. And god did he like what he saw. The cock he had so wanted before was now staring him straight in the face. He ran his hand up the length of it, as it was already hard as a rock. He wrapped his hand around it and started to move up and down his length, twisting his wrist for more effectiveness. Yunho laced his Fingers through Jaes hair and moaned as Jaes hands were replaced by his oh so kissable mouth. Yunho lost all ability to speak and Jaejoong moaned around yunhos girth. He made figure eights around his cock with his tongue, tightening with every bob of his head. Yunhos fingers tightened in Jaes hair as he came into Jaes mouth, Hot semen snaking down Jaejoongs esophogus. Jaejoong stood and unbuttoned his Jeans, sliding them down along with his boxers. He wanted Yunho inside him now.

          Yunho lay back on the bed while jae lowered himself down onto the mans swollen cock, moaning in pleasure as every inch of Yunho went into him. Jae had a very sensitive prostate, and as soon as Yunhos cock found it, his carnal instincts toook over. Yunho thrust harder and deeper, and sped up all the while gripping Jaejoongs hips so tight his nails were leaving indentations in his skin. Jaejoong stroked his own throbbing cock in rhythm with Yunhos thrusts. HE came abruptly, spewing hot cum all over yunhos face. Yunho moaned as jaejoong bent down to kiss his neck, and came. Jae bit down, and the world went dark.

A/N: I know its been forever since i updated!!! but i got really busy and then lost the paper copy of the story, which is the only copy i had. but i found it in my backpack while i was cleaning it out. So i hop you guys enjoy the smex in this as much as i enjoyed writing the smex. i know it isnt long but hey. Didnt want the ISS teacher to catch me writing softcore porno. -hands out Yunjae! Cupcakes-

Nov. 24th, 2010

Is it love? or is it Bloodlust? part 1/3

He sat at the window, staring out at the cold rain. It poured down, leaving rivulets of water streaking down the windowpane. He rubbed his arms, cold and depressed. His lover had left him, for another man in the city. he sunk down into his soft, plushy armchair and twirled his glass of Chardonnay. His fingers were long and slender, very feminine in a way. His skin was pale, the color of alabaster. He was tall, and very slender, but he was not just flesh and bone. He was toned, his muscles not bulky but small in size, he could bench press 340 easy. Thanks to his personal gym, he was able to keep in shape. He was a writer, and he wrote about his people. The pale and lifeless. The night hunters. The vampires.


Jung Yunho studied the glass in front of him. He gingerly touched it to his lips, taking a sip of the warm fluid inside. The glass was very slender, way too fragile for his masculine hands. He was all male, muscular and tan. He was built well, tall and lean, but muscular in every way. His face was very masculine too, angled in all the right ways. And he was handsome too. He had a brilliant smile, and his eyes were a beautiful deep brown. he smiled as the wine passed through his throat, leaving a tingly burning sensation in its wake. He yawned and stood up, setting down his wineglass and starting over to the grand spiral staircase that inhabited this part of his home. He climbed it, coming to a landing with many doors. Walking down to the door on the end he opened it, and stepped inside his bedroom. He shut the door behind him and turned on the light. His cat was sleeping on the end of the bed. He smiled at her then turned to his wardrobe, pulling open a drawer and withdrawing a pair of boxers and a muscle shirt, his usual for sleeping. He quickly changed out of his day clothes into his more comfortable night attire, and clambered into his bed, disturbing his cat in the process. The cat jumped off the bed and trotted over to the window seat where it soon fell asleep. Yunho smiled, turn to face his wardrobe, and was soon drifting into a night of pleasant dreams,


Jaejoong was on the prowl. He hadn't eaten for days, and he was becoming sick. He scoured the town, looking for some potential victims. He looked in houses, for sleeping victims that would not even know what hit them. He was soon in front of a grand house, and could sense the sleeping person inside. He decided to go for it, because his hunger could barely wait any longer. He slid through the gate, and was soon snooping around to see if he could find a way in. It came in the form of an open window, and he slithered inside. He snooped around for a moment, taking in his surroundings. He found he was in a hallway, leading to a grand Spiral staircase in the middle of the hall. He marveled at its beauty as he slowly started to climb, not making a sound. He reached the landing and stood silently, listening. He could hear the snores of a man coming from the door at the end of the hall. He tiptoed quietly down the hall to the room. opening the door without a sound. He peered inside, being careful not to wake his meal. He stepped inside and looked around. There was a cat sleeping peacefully on the window seat, and a lump of blankets sleeping on the bed. soft snoring sounds emitted from that pile. so he guessed there was a human under there somewhere. He snuck over to the edge of the bed and watched the figure sleep. He was amazed at the sharp angles of the face. and the messy brown hair. He could tell that this was a muscular man, just by looking at the outline under the blanket. And perfect for Jae, he was fast asleep. But as soon as he took a step toward the bed, the man rolled over, and tossed the blankets from his body in his sleep, showing off every inch of his tanned skin in a muscle shirt and boxers. Jaejoong was struck speechless, he just stood there. Staring at the man in the bed. And OH was he GORGEOUS! But now Jae was faced with a new dilema: eat or make him his. And he honestly didn't know what to decide.


Yunho turned in his sleep. He sensed something was wrong and awoke to look at his sleeping cat on the windowsill. Well there was nothing there except his cat. That area was clear. He looked down toward the end of the bed. Nothing. He sighed. He must have just been dreaming. He sat up and when he did he caught a glimpse of movement to his right. He jerked his head to see what was there and he saw it. A man standing in his bedroom. At first he thought it was a robber, and he yelled at the figure to get the fuck out. But when the figure didn't move, he frowned and turned on the lamp. Light flooded the right side of his bed and he could now see the figure perfectly. He was pale, and had short strawberry blond hair. He was tall, and wore a tshirt, jeans, and an oversized biker jacket.  He had soft features and looked very lost in thought. He was a very beautiful man. Yunho admitted silently to himself, but what was he doing in his bedroom? The stranger stared at him, making him a little uncofortable. He fidgeted with his blankets,. pulling them up and hiding his body from view. The stranger opened his mouth to speak, but could find no words to say so he closed his mouth, but not before Yunho saw his fangs. A vampire. Yunho was looking in the face of a vampire. And yunho knew what he wanted. But why hadn't he taken it? Why was he just standing there like an idiot? Yunho opened his mouth to speak but the Stranger ran away into the night. Yunho rolled over on his side and pulled the covers up to his chin. He had just had an encounter with a vampire. And he certainly hoped it would not be his last.

A/N: Hey guys! i know i still have two chapters of Fighter to write but this was begging to be written. story behind it : ISS got boring so i started writing in my notebook. this will be a triple shot, because i have two parts written and im not even started on the third part. so anyway. I am trying to finish fighter but my stupid imagination is not working and i cannot come up with an epic fight scene. damn my brain. anyway comments are love! i love all of you and if anyone has some ideas for my fight scene in Fighter please please PLEASE share them with me or TftcProductions. cause chances are She gets on here more than i do and she can tell me the idea. and who gave the idea so i can give them credit in my A/N. love ya!

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