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January 2017

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Is it love? or is it Bloodlust? part 1/3

He sat at the window, staring out at the cold rain. It poured down, leaving rivulets of water streaking down the windowpane. He rubbed his arms, cold and depressed. His lover had left him, for another man in the city. he sunk down into his soft, plushy armchair and twirled his glass of Chardonnay. His fingers were long and slender, very feminine in a way. His skin was pale, the color of alabaster. He was tall, and very slender, but he was not just flesh and bone. He was toned, his muscles not bulky but small in size, he could bench press 340 easy. Thanks to his personal gym, he was able to keep in shape. He was a writer, and he wrote about his people. The pale and lifeless. The night hunters. The vampires.


Jung Yunho studied the glass in front of him. He gingerly touched it to his lips, taking a sip of the warm fluid inside. The glass was very slender, way too fragile for his masculine hands. He was all male, muscular and tan. He was built well, tall and lean, but muscular in every way. His face was very masculine too, angled in all the right ways. And he was handsome too. He had a brilliant smile, and his eyes were a beautiful deep brown. he smiled as the wine passed through his throat, leaving a tingly burning sensation in its wake. He yawned and stood up, setting down his wineglass and starting over to the grand spiral staircase that inhabited this part of his home. He climbed it, coming to a landing with many doors. Walking down to the door on the end he opened it, and stepped inside his bedroom. He shut the door behind him and turned on the light. His cat was sleeping on the end of the bed. He smiled at her then turned to his wardrobe, pulling open a drawer and withdrawing a pair of boxers and a muscle shirt, his usual for sleeping. He quickly changed out of his day clothes into his more comfortable night attire, and clambered into his bed, disturbing his cat in the process. The cat jumped off the bed and trotted over to the window seat where it soon fell asleep. Yunho smiled, turn to face his wardrobe, and was soon drifting into a night of pleasant dreams,


Jaejoong was on the prowl. He hadn't eaten for days, and he was becoming sick. He scoured the town, looking for some potential victims. He looked in houses, for sleeping victims that would not even know what hit them. He was soon in front of a grand house, and could sense the sleeping person inside. He decided to go for it, because his hunger could barely wait any longer. He slid through the gate, and was soon snooping around to see if he could find a way in. It came in the form of an open window, and he slithered inside. He snooped around for a moment, taking in his surroundings. He found he was in a hallway, leading to a grand Spiral staircase in the middle of the hall. He marveled at its beauty as he slowly started to climb, not making a sound. He reached the landing and stood silently, listening. He could hear the snores of a man coming from the door at the end of the hall. He tiptoed quietly down the hall to the room. opening the door without a sound. He peered inside, being careful not to wake his meal. He stepped inside and looked around. There was a cat sleeping peacefully on the window seat, and a lump of blankets sleeping on the bed. soft snoring sounds emitted from that pile. so he guessed there was a human under there somewhere. He snuck over to the edge of the bed and watched the figure sleep. He was amazed at the sharp angles of the face. and the messy brown hair. He could tell that this was a muscular man, just by looking at the outline under the blanket. And perfect for Jae, he was fast asleep. But as soon as he took a step toward the bed, the man rolled over, and tossed the blankets from his body in his sleep, showing off every inch of his tanned skin in a muscle shirt and boxers. Jaejoong was struck speechless, he just stood there. Staring at the man in the bed. And OH was he GORGEOUS! But now Jae was faced with a new dilema: eat or make him his. And he honestly didn't know what to decide.


Yunho turned in his sleep. He sensed something was wrong and awoke to look at his sleeping cat on the windowsill. Well there was nothing there except his cat. That area was clear. He looked down toward the end of the bed. Nothing. He sighed. He must have just been dreaming. He sat up and when he did he caught a glimpse of movement to his right. He jerked his head to see what was there and he saw it. A man standing in his bedroom. At first he thought it was a robber, and he yelled at the figure to get the fuck out. But when the figure didn't move, he frowned and turned on the lamp. Light flooded the right side of his bed and he could now see the figure perfectly. He was pale, and had short strawberry blond hair. He was tall, and wore a tshirt, jeans, and an oversized biker jacket.  He had soft features and looked very lost in thought. He was a very beautiful man. Yunho admitted silently to himself, but what was he doing in his bedroom? The stranger stared at him, making him a little uncofortable. He fidgeted with his blankets,. pulling them up and hiding his body from view. The stranger opened his mouth to speak, but could find no words to say so he closed his mouth, but not before Yunho saw his fangs. A vampire. Yunho was looking in the face of a vampire. And yunho knew what he wanted. But why hadn't he taken it? Why was he just standing there like an idiot? Yunho opened his mouth to speak but the Stranger ran away into the night. Yunho rolled over on his side and pulled the covers up to his chin. He had just had an encounter with a vampire. And he certainly hoped it would not be his last.

A/N: Hey guys! i know i still have two chapters of Fighter to write but this was begging to be written. story behind it : ISS got boring so i started writing in my notebook. this will be a triple shot, because i have two parts written and im not even started on the third part. so anyway. I am trying to finish fighter but my stupid imagination is not working and i cannot come up with an epic fight scene. damn my brain. anyway comments are love! i love all of you and if anyone has some ideas for my fight scene in Fighter please please PLEASE share them with me or TftcProductions. cause chances are She gets on here more than i do and she can tell me the idea. and who gave the idea so i can give them credit in my A/N. love ya!


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i will be updating after the holiday because of all the busy stuff i have to do. but i will update i promise!
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hahah yeah...no fangs for jaejoong if he came to my room. i just had vampires on the brain...i dont know why...
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i will post the rest after the holiday!
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