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January 2017

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Is it Love ? Or is it Bloodlust Part Two/Three

              Jaejoong awoke the next night to an aching, searing pain, A need to see the human again. He had to. He flew ouuta his bed and dressed quickly. Putting on a muscle shirt and and a pair of tight jeans and tennis shoues and bolted out of his apartment. He ran to the sidewalk, pulling on his jacket over his shirt. God it was cold outside. But he didnt care. All he wanted was to see him, touch him, Spend eternity with him. To spend hours and hours on end making passionate love to the human, maybe even make him one of his kind. He rushed through the streets, hurring betweeen houses and alleyways, frantically searching for the Victorian house.

            After about ten minutes of searching he finally found it, and was shocked when he found the back door opened just a crack. He silently thanked God for his luck and stepped inside. His legs twitched wanting to go up that marvelous staircase, but he knew he needed a moment to calm himself.  He looked into a mirrow and found he was a mess. He shoved a hand through his messy hair, fixed his jacket and took a few deep, calming breaths. He walked to the staircase and ran his hand across the smooth Mahogany surface. He started up the staircase, wiling his steps to be as quiet as a mouse. He reached the landing and his heart jumped. The bedroom door was wide open. Hope jumped in his chest as he slowly walked down the long hallway, He stalled when he got to the door. he didnt know why the door was open, or what was awaiting him inside.

          He summoned up all the strength he had and he saw the man, just sitting there, watching him.  His jaw automatically dropped when he saw what the man had on. He was Fucking sexy. He wore nothing but his boxers, showing off his amazing chest and abdomen. DAMN those muscles were amazing! How he longed to touch them. He took a step closer, and the man smiled at him. And oh what a smile it was. A few more small steps and he was right there, right next to the bed that this gorgeous man was sitting on. He opened his mouth to speak, but the man  lurched forward, pulling him onto the bed and claiming Jaejoongs mouth with his, silencing any thoughts he could voice.

               Jae moaned into the other mands mouth, snaking his arms around his neck. God he tasted amazing. Like everything he ever emagined. The mans hand snaked under his jacket, taking it off in one single motion. The man skimmed his fingers down Jae's long alabaster colored arms, and they spasmed under his touch. Jae broke the kiss long enough to find out the Mans name: Yunho. Jung Yunho.  Jae moaned as Yunho tore the shirt off of him and flicked one nipple with is finger. Yunhos head bent as he suckled on one nipple,, while his hand fondled the other. Jaes hand snaked down to Yunhos boxers, palming the throbbing goodness hidden inside them. This made the man moan and bite Jaes nipple even Harder.

                Jae snaked his way off the bed and onto his knees on the floor. He pulled Yunho to the side of the bed with his hips and removed his boxers. And god did he like what he saw. The cock he had so wanted before was now staring him straight in the face. He ran his hand up the length of it, as it was already hard as a rock. He wrapped his hand around it and started to move up and down his length, twisting his wrist for more effectiveness. Yunho laced his Fingers through Jaes hair and moaned as Jaes hands were replaced by his oh so kissable mouth. Yunho lost all ability to speak and Jaejoong moaned around yunhos girth. He made figure eights around his cock with his tongue, tightening with every bob of his head. Yunhos fingers tightened in Jaes hair as he came into Jaes mouth, Hot semen snaking down Jaejoongs esophogus. Jaejoong stood and unbuttoned his Jeans, sliding them down along with his boxers. He wanted Yunho inside him now.

          Yunho lay back on the bed while jae lowered himself down onto the mans swollen cock, moaning in pleasure as every inch of Yunho went into him. Jae had a very sensitive prostate, and as soon as Yunhos cock found it, his carnal instincts toook over. Yunho thrust harder and deeper, and sped up all the while gripping Jaejoongs hips so tight his nails were leaving indentations in his skin. Jaejoong stroked his own throbbing cock in rhythm with Yunhos thrusts. HE came abruptly, spewing hot cum all over yunhos face. Yunho moaned as jaejoong bent down to kiss his neck, and came. Jae bit down, and the world went dark.

A/N: I know its been forever since i updated!!! but i got really busy and then lost the paper copy of the story, which is the only copy i had. but i found it in my backpack while i was cleaning it out. So i hop you guys enjoy the smex in this as much as i enjoyed writing the smex. i know it isnt long but hey. Didnt want the ISS teacher to catch me writing softcore porno. -hands out Yunjae! Cupcakes-


hot damn... that was hot. That cliff hanger though, is he going to turn him or... dun dun dun.
I'm happy you're still writing, baby. Keep going!
hmmmm....i may put the last part of it on here..or will i....dun dun dun....Lol. just for you bb.
they know what they want staright away. good sign~ XD