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January 2017

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Is it Love ? Or is it Bloodlust Part Three/Three

               Yunho woke to find Jae sleeping right beside him. He felt different, like something was new. He looked around, finding that everything in the room was brighter. His cat was sleeping, but he noticed he could hear something within his cat, He didnt know what it was, and he chewed his lip. He howled in pain, and touched his lip to find it was bleeding. He jumped up and ran to the mirror, and to his amazement he could not see himself. He felt around his mouth and what he found was no less than frightening. He had fangs. He ran frantically over to Jaejoong (he had learned his name last night during their excitement) and shook him awake.

                         "what is it" He asked groggily, wiping at his eyes. Yunho pointed at his fangs. That jolted Jae awake. FUCK. At some point last night during thier adventure, he had bitten him. And evidently started the turning process. Yunho was going to be a vampire. Well. At least he could spend eternity with him and neither of them would grow old. That was a plus. But did Yunho even want to become a vampire? He would have to teach him the rules of the Nightwalkers.

Rule #1: Never Kill those with children in thier homes.

Rule #2: Never Kill children. Unless you want a child. THen and ONLY then may you sire one.

Rulw #3: Once you were mated with someone, you were to stay with that mate through all eternity. And you were sterile from the moment you were turned into a vampire, so if you wanted a child you would have to have the permission of your mate and a chold that was an orphan. One with a family could get potentially dangerous.

Rule #4: never show yourself in the daylight. Sunburns are aweful, so thats why they made this rule.

                     Jae explained these rules to Yunho and also explained the process of changing. " It hurts alot, and you will suffer tremendous pain as your heart begins to stop. You cannot see yourself in the mirror, it is a given fact that i do not really know why is. You will be confined to your bed for three days, and during that time you will drink blood only from my wrist. That will keep the process going. Your jawline will hurt as your teeth reshape, and your tongue will become more narrow. You will crave blood all the time, but you are not to leave this bed. You fear not. I am here and I will help you through this process. I will not leave your side, I will be with you always. I promise." He said to him.

              He kissed the man on the bed next to him. He knew he loved him from the moment he saw him those two nights ago. It was hard not to love someone whose hearts and eyes pleaded with him to be loved. He stood to go around the bed to the bathroom, but Yunho stopped him. "Tell my why you came back. I want to know" He demanded of Jaejoong.

            " I came back because i wanted to spend every moment with you, every second of every day. I fell in love with you the moment I laid eyes on you/. You are the only one for me." he answered, kissing Yunho one last time before disappearing into the bathroom. Yunhos jaw dropped. Jaejoong Loved him. And he was falling in love with Him as well.


              Yunho howled in pain. "God dammit," he thought, "Jae was right. this hurts like a motherfucker." He had never experienced this much pain. He wanted to curl up into a ball and cry himself to sleep, never to wake up again. Thats how bad this turning process hurt. Jae sat next to him and dabbed his forehead with a damp cloth. His teeth had stopped growing, but his chest still hurt like no tomorrow. His breathing was shallow, which meant that his heart could stop at any time now. Jaejoong continued to dab at his forehead with a cool cloth.

          "Jae, I'm so hungry." he would say. "And why dont you just let me get up and eat for once?" He would cry out angrily. And every time he cried out, Jae would silently and swiftly cut his wrist, and put it up to Yunhos mouth.

                   "Drink" he would say to him demandingly. And Yunho would do as he was told, sinking his teeth into Jae's wrist everytime, lapping up the metallic liquid, tasting every single drop. After being drained, Jaejoong would stand up and hurry to the bathroom. letting it heal under the rush of the hot water, the runoff pink with his blood. When he came back into the room, Yunhos heart had stopped. He saw the pain flash in his lovers eyes as the last living part of him ceased to function. He swiftly crossed the room, sweeping Yunho up in one swift motion, and hugged him to his chest.

             "Its alright love. I am here. I wont ever leave you. I promise." He caressed Yunhos cheek. They were now one. One species. One heart. One soul. Together they could rule the world. Together they would be for all eternity. An Eternity filled with love. With compassion. And not to mention Mind blowing sex. And Yunho was his, and he was Yunho's. Forever. And that is exactly how he wanted it to be.


A/N: OMG IM SO PROUD OF MYSELF FOR FINISHING A STORY!!!!!!!!!!  -pats herself on the back- Hope you guys like it. its nothing special, but then again it was written when i had nothing else to do. Still having problems on Fighters Fight sceene, as per usual. If anyone has any ideas, i am open for suggestions. Lots of love and YunJae cookes!


i like the rules, never heard nor read of it before (based on tales) very interesting :)
and yay yunjae! XD
oh rules! kinda like louis from interview with a vampire. i'm glad they have each other though.
I really like the end of this. But it seemed a little to quick, especially the rules. Seems a tad reminiscent of interview with the vampire, but with more cliche. Now that that's a bad thing, the sex was super sexy and I like both Yunho and Jaejoong.

P.S the myth of vampires not being able to see themselves in a mirror came form the belief that they were demons and had no souls (making them technically dead) so they could not be reflected in the glass.
-throws a plate at you- Who asked for your opinion. I know where you sleep at night. lol. cause im at your house starin at chu from your chair.

i lub chu bb