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January 2017

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Fighter Chapter 11

Genre: Drama and romance
Rating: overall pg-13
Author: darkangel342
Length: Chaptered [11/12]
Summary: Jaejoong has just gotten out of an abusive and controlling relationship with Siwon. He turns to his best friend Yunho for help and they fall in love. Siwon learns of their newly found love and becomes extremely pissed. He decides to go and kidnap Jaejoong and his plan follows through. Yunho learns of Jae's disappearance and figures out that Siwon has taken him hostage and wants to make a sex slave out of him. Yunho goes after this deranged stalker ex-boyfriend with the help of his friends Yoochun. Junsu and his best friend Changmin, who works as an undercover Detective. Can the four save Jae before Siwon tires of him and does something completely unnecessary?

"Gah I cant sleep." Yunho thought to himself, rolling onto his back to face the ceiling. "Yet I can't help but feel that something is wrong...What if we dont get there in time...What if Siwon kills him before we have a chance to save him.....Ah well. Best not to worry about these things. Maybe if I clear my mind I can sleep..."

He woke the next morning at seven AM. To his surprise, he was only the second one awake. The first to wake was Junsu, as per usual.

"Good morning Yunho. Did you sleep okay?" He said, as he was pouring himself a cup of coffee. "Do you want a cup?" He asked the man in the doorway.

Yunho shook his head. "No, Thank you. And I guess I slept fairly well, considering my mind was racing almost all night." He answered, walking into the kitchen and sitting down at the table. "I think that I will sleep better tonight when I have my Jae wrapped in my arms" He added, while the lump in his throat grew larger. " I have waited so long for him, and when he came to me I thought I was never going to lose him...but then came Siwon and he took him, out from under our noses! How could I have been so stupid to leave him unguarded! I was an idiot" He scolded himself.

Junsu hugged him "Yunho, there is nothing any one of us could have done to prevent this. It was bound to happen. And you know we will get him back. Yunho. You will have your Jaejoong back. Wether something goes wrong today or not, you will always have Jaejoong. And you will always have us." he said, kissing the mans cheek, which was something he did often.

Yunho smiled at Su. "Thank you Su. I really needed that" he said, hugging him. Yunho stood and walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, taking a seat on the recliner. He was hugged from behind by Taemin, Who had just woken up.

"Good morning Yunho! Today is the big day. We finally get to have our Jaejoong back." Taemin said gleefully.

"Yes. We finally get him back." Yunho said absentmindedly. He was too absorbed in thought to really hear Taemin ask him when they were to leave. "Hmm? Oh. we will leave as soon as Changmin calls and tells us its safe." He said absentmindedly. He bit his lip as he thought about the things they were to do today.

Yunhos phone rang and he jumped off the couch to get it. He answered it quickly. "Changmin!?!.....Yeah we are all awake......He just left.....okay be there soon....." He hung up the phone. "Its time." he said, and everyone loaded up thier stuff.

They arrived at the warehouse fifteen minutes after Changmin called. It was a small building no larger then a two bedroom home, but had security cameras all over it. They disabled the cameras from the computer changmin had brought along and then went inside. they ran through the warehouse, looking everywhere for Jaejoong.

"H--hello?" An angelic voice called. It was him.

"Jae! Where are you!" Yunho called, running toward the voice.

"In here" he returned, as the darker man bust through the door. he sighed and smiled warily, then remembered what Siwon had told him. "Guys you have to go. Siwon will be here any minute...he knew you guys were coming. You guys have to leave!" he pleaded with Yunho but to no avail.

"There is no way I'm leaving you here. Kim Jaejoong i just got you and there is no way this bastard is going to take you away from me. even if i have to kill him myself." Yunho said to him, not noticing that someone else had entered the room.

"Oh yeah? How you gonna kill me when i have the gun pointed at you, Yunho?" Siwons voice was clear and Yunho heard the click of a gun cocking. he turned around and was face first in the barrel of Siwons gun. "So what are you going to do. I might as well kill you now. he said as he started to squeeze the trigger.


"No!" Jaejoong screamed and strained against the hold of the Handcuffs that were holding him to the bed. His adrenaline rushed, and he couldnt take his eyes off of Yunho. As Jaejoong strained,Yunho gulped and his mouth went dry. His eyes widened, his face going pale. His spine froze, the adrenaline not allowing him to move out of the Guns range. His heart started beating faster and faster, straining agaisnt his chest. his fists clenched tight at his sides, his knuckles turning white. He closed his eyes and drew in what he thought would be his last breath. It was over..He was dead....

"Dont shoot! Police!" Changmin yelled from the other room, breaking open the door with his foot. He pointed his pistol at Siwons head and cocked the gun. "Im not afraid to shoot your sorry ass...."

Siwon chuckled and turned to Changmin, keeping the gun on Yunhos head. "You really think I am afraid of you? You are helpless. You shoot me, and I shoot him. Either way, You lose. You ALL lose...Jaejoong is mine.." He said, angry.

"Jaejoong isnt property, Siwon...Jaejoong is a person.." Changmin said calmy, trying to reason with the mad man

"NO. Hes my property...you took him from me. And I wont let that happen again!" Siwon said, redfaced and angrier then Jae had ever seen him before. "I will not let you take him away from me. He is MINE. Got that? MINE!" He yelled, spit flying everywhere.

Jae whimpered. "Siwon please...I'll stay with you...just let Yunho go..Please..." He begged, Crying harder then he had ever cried before. He still strained against the handcuffs, the metal rubbing his wrists raw.

"SHUT UP!" Siwon barked, and Jae went silent, begging Yunho and Changmin with his eyes to do something. Siwon turned his attention back to Changmin. "So, What are you going to do? You shoot and I shoot. Its a no-win situation. But I will still get the last word." He said calmly.

"Siwon. Put the gun down." Changmin said calmly. "Jaejoong is well old enough and capable enough to choose who he wants to be with. You abused him, Siwon. Its no wonder he wanted to get out of the relationship. And now you kidnapped him. Why would he want to be with someone like you?" He said, asking Siwon seriously.

"Because I love him! I am better then all of you! I shower him with gifts and nice things! What else could Jae ever want." Siwon yelled, glancing at Jaejoong. He smiled widely. "What could you give him that I couldnt?"

"This." Yunho said, grabbing Siwons arm and elbowing him in the ribs. Siwon cried out, dropping the gun and holding his side. Yunho bent down and grabbed the gun, pointing it at Siwon. " You dont love him, Siwon. You love the sex. You love the feeling of being dominant over him. I, on the other hand," Yunho said boldy, looking straight into Siwons eyes, "love Jaejoong. He is everything I could dream of...loving...kind...better without you. You abused him....I wouldnt harm a hair on his head. Theres a difference between you and I, Siwon. You are nothing but a coward who hides behind abuse. I came here to rescue Jae, and that is exactly what I am going to do." Yunho said furiously, aiming the gun at Siwons forehead. "God I wish I could shoot you.." he mumbled.

Siwon chuckled. "You honestly think I am afraid of you, Jung Yunho? The 'fearless' leader of DBSK? You're wrong. You're DEAD wrong." he said, stepping closer the leader and reaching into his pocket. He pulled out a small pocketknife and threw it at yunho. Yunho tried to dodge the knife, but it hit him in the arm. He dropped the gun and held his arm, cursing at Siwon.

"You stupid son-of-a-bitch..." Yunho muttered as a shot rang out. The round hit Siwon in the leg, causing him to go down and scream out in pain. Siwon hit the ground hard. His leg poured out blood as he writhed in anguish. Changmin rushed over to him, clasping his hands behind his back.

"Siwon Choi, you are under arrest for the kidnapping and exploitation of Kim Jaejoong. And the attempted murder of Jung Yunho." He stated calmly as he placed the handcuffs around Siwons wrists.

"Yunho!" Jaejoong exclaimed as Yunho rushed over to the bed, grabbing at the handcuffs.

"Key...I need a key!" Yunho yelled to changmin as he frantically tried to pull the handcuffs away from the bed.

"Here." Changmin tossed a keyring at him. "Its the smallest key on there." Yunho fumbled with the keys for a few moments and found the key to the cuffs. He shoved the key into the lock and the handcuffs clicked open, releasing Jaejoong from his bonds. The frail blond boy collapsed into Yunho's awaiting arms. He was a puddle of tears as he gripped the strong mans shoulders tightly.

"Shhhh....Its over, Jaejoong. I've got you." Yunho said softly, carressing Jaejoong's hair. It was over.


Nice ending dude. Glad I could help you :]
oh we still have one more chapter to go. but thank you for helping.