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January 2017

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Fighter- Chapter 12

Genre: Drama and romance
Rating: overall pg-13
Author: darkangel342
Length: Chaptered [12/12]
Summary: Jaejoong has just gotten out of an abusive and controlling relationship with Siwon. He turns to his best friend Yunho for help and they fall in love. Siwon learns of their newly found love and becomes extremely pissed. He decides to go and kidnap Jaejoong and his plan follows through. Yunho learns of Jae's disappearance and figures out that Siwon has taken him hostage and wants to make a sex slave out of him. Yunho goes after this deranged stalker ex-boyfriend with the help of his friends Yoochun. Junsu and his best friend Changmin, who works as an undercover Detective. Can the four save Jae before Siwon tires of him and does something completely unnecessary?

They stood outside the warehouse as Changmin put Siwon into a squadcar. Yunho sat in the back of an ambulance as they cleaned up his arm, cleaning the wound and placing bandages over it, as it had stopped oozing blood. They taped the gauze to his arm, and wrapped it in an ACE bandage to keep pressure on it.

Jaejoong sat in the back of the ambulance parked next to the one Yunho was in, watching them patch him up and waiting to be patched up himself. They assessed his chain burns and put cold cloth bandages around each wrist, wrapping them in ace bandages as well. They finished with Jae's arms and released him, Jae walking over to Yunho and patiently waiting for them to finish with his wound.

The other boys were giving statements to the police about what had happened in that warehouse. They were visibly shaken, each one holding tightly to another boy. They each had the same story: Jaejoong had been kidnapped from the apartment, and Changmin went undercover to find him. They found him in the warehouse, and all hell broke loose. Siwon stabbed Yunho and then Changmin got to him and arrested him.

The medics finished patching up Yunhos arm, and he stood up,engulfing Jaejoong in a bear hug. "I love you, Kim Jaejoong." He said, kissing Jae on the forehead. Oh how he had missed the feel of someone in his arms. Especially his Jaejoong.

"I love you too, Jung Yunho" he replied weakly, drained from everything that had happened in the past week. He kissed Yunho softly, wrapping his arms around his neck. Then he smiled. "You are my hero."

Yunho chuckled and held the frail boy in his arms. "No thanks are neccessary, sir. Just doing my job." He winked, and kissed Jae on the tip of the nose. Jaejoong giggled, clinging to the taller man.

"Over here guys!" Taemin yelled, walking out beside the ambulance. "I found them!" A group of eager boys came running up to Jaejoong and Yunho, asking a billion things at once.

Yunho cleared his throat and the boys ceased talking. "Guys, we have been through a lot today...and I want to thank you all for being here to help me....I couldn't have done it without all of you," he said, almost to the point of tears. He opened his arms and every single one of the boys that were standing there flew into them, centering the hug around Jaejoong.

"Guys come on...your squishing me..." Jaejoong laughed, hugging all of them tightly.

"We are so glad you are safe." Junsu said, sqeezing Jaejoong on the arm tenderly.

"Yeah." Yoochun chipped in. "And I'm glad we got to play a part in your rescue. That was fun."

Changmin, Who had finished giving his report to the police, sauntered over to the ambulance."Chun, Near-Death-Experiences are anything but fun." He directed his next statement to the lot of the boys. "We have been through hell today. And I don't expect anything to get better overnight. Its been a long day. I suggest we all go home and get some sleep." He said, glancing at Jaejoong.

Jaejoong caught the glance and smiled. "I would LOVE to get some sleep. But right now, I just wanna be with all of you guys. You guys saved my life. And I can never thank you enough." He said, tears blurring his vision.

Yunho saw this and wiped Jaes eyes softly with his thumbs "You are the one thing I could never live without, Jae" Youre everything I ever wanted..." he paused, choking back happy tears, "Everything I ever needed." He smiled, leaning down and whispering. "I love you so much Jae." He said, kissing him softly on the lips.

The other boys watched this and smiled, hoping that one day they would find a love like that. Yoochun gripped Junsus hand, Taemin giggled and hid behind Changmin, and Changmin shook his head.

"You guys are so cute," Junsu laughed, picking on the two lovers. "It's no wonder that you two fell for each other."

"Yeah, Junsu is right. You guys are like, perfect for each other," Taemin added, running up to Yunho and Jaejoong and hugging them both. They hugged Taemin and laughed whole-heartedly.

Jaejoong grabbed Yunhos hand and squeezed it. "Can we go home now?" he asked.

Yunho smiled and kissed Jae on the nose. "Yeah, Lets go home," he replied. So the boys and their friends returned to the home of TVXQ and celebrated the return of their precious Jaejoong.

A/N: Aaaaaaaaaaaand.....Three YEARS after the first line of Fighter was written, IT IS FINISHED! :D I apologize for al lthe delays, and the like, And the ending, my brain didnt wanna do anything for me other than something like "and they lived happily ever after". But I like how it turned out, and Im SO glad its finished. I hope everyone Enjoys the rest of this, because it took me FOREVER to finish it. I know. Im lame. But its done and I can start finishing some other ones that I have in the process. like 500 Miles. I can finish that one finally. hopefully. Im not sure. >.< Anyway, love you all! *hands out YunJae! cookies*


oh! I need to re-read this ... ^.^