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Sep. 2nd, 2010

(no subject)

My name:   Brennon Arnett

Age: 16 baby! lol

Favorite people in the world: TVXQ, SHINee and my best freinds Mary Steinbecker, Kayla Noble, LaKayla Brewer, Sarah McGraw, Kelsey Massey, Courtney Shadowens, and Milbert Villas

Siblings: four brothers. (17, 13, 13, and 11)

Where I live: Missouri

Favorite food: Sour Candies

My color: Really Really Really bright ass blue. it makes me all happy inside. ^^

Things I enjoy doing: spending alot of times with my freinds, reading, singing, Writing, dancing, did i mention beign a retard when im with my freinds? cause we do that an awful  lot. lol

Bad things about me: um i dont know. im pretty sure that Jaejaelover33 could tell you. or maybe Tftcproductions...they know me pretty well. all i can think of is im not very Lady like. xD (i guess that comes with growing up around four boys.)

Good things about me:  im pretty much a good person. i love being a good freind, and i love people. very social, and i have alot of things to say most the time. i dont know if its a good thing that im pretty blunt when it comes to what i say, but oh well. at least i try to be honest. i pretty much get along with anyone unless you piss me off.

Accomplishments: I GOT MY MOTHER INTERESTED IN THE YUNJAE!!!!!! And my grandmother thinks that Jaejoong is "a cutie". and Minho. but thats a different story for a later date. I even got my dad to accept the fact i write and read Yaoi smut. lol

My Favorite Thing to say: Saranghae.

My favorite Movie: old dizney (ie snow white, cinderella) cause disney is the chiz

Favorite band: TVXQ BABY

Favorite song: Balloons. By none other than TVXQ. theres a reason to. it makes me all happy inside

ill answer any questions. love you bbcakes.

Aug. 14th, 2010

Fighter Chapter 10

Yunho answered his phone, wondering what Changmin could possibly be wanting to tell him. He listened intently to the man on the other end of the line, his eyes widening with every word the other said. Changmin said goodbye and hung up, leaving Yunho to tell the rest of the group. This was big news. Big news indeed.

"Guys.....He has a key....Changmin has a key....to The warehouse where Jae is....” he said, wide eyed and almost completely speechless. Everyone went silent and turned to each other. They immediately began whispering to each other rapidly, until one spoke up.

"Yunho thats great! That means we can go save Jae sooner! This is great!” Yoochun said, standing up to hug his friend. Yunho still stood there, to shocked to believe what he had just heard on the phone. His Jae would be alone tomorrow, and they could save him. He could save him. Jaejoong. He missed him more than anything and to hear that in a little under twenty four hours, he had a chance to get him out, made him happy. A smile worked its way from his heart to his lips, and he turned to Yoochun and the others.

get my Jae back! Yoochun we get him back. We are gonna save him!' He yelled, falling to the floor in tears. Everyone jumped on him, joining in on the happy celebration. They all wanted to be a part of rescuing Jaejoong, but the five that were staying behind were just happy that soon enough they would be able to hug Jaejoong as tightly as they possibly could and never let him go. They were all very excited.

"Yunho, can I talk to you for a moment? In the kitchen please?” Lilly asked, gesturing to the kitchen door. Yunho nodded and untangled himself from the mess of happy bodies on the floor and followed Lilly into the kitchen. She gestured for him to sit down in a chair, so he did.

"What is it?” he asked, still smiling from ear to ear.

"Yunho I have a bad feeling about this. The way Siwon just gave Changmin the key. I think it's almost as if he is planning something. I know it sounds really weird, but please understand. I was an undercover agent. I watched people like him. They dont trust anyone. And for him to give Changmin a key after three days seems very fishy to me.” she explained, sitting down in a chair next to him.

He thought about it for a minute. “You are right. It does seem odd that only three days have gone by and he has already entrusted a key to the warehouse to Changmin. But that is why even though he is supposedly going to be gone tomorrow, we are still going to go with weapons and the like, to be ready for anything that happens. But if he comes here I want you to get the hell out.” He said, taking her hand. He didn't want Taemin to lose the only thing he had left. And he knew how much Taemin loved Lilly. Thats why he was forcing her to stay here.

She nodded. “Okay. But promise me you will be careful. I...We...don't want to lose you. You guys are like family to Taemin, and now to me. I want to be able to invite you over for dinner, for visits. So please. Promise me you will be careful.” Lilly said quietly, squeezing Yunho's hand. She knew that if Taemin lost Yunho that he would never be the same. And frankly neither would she.

He smiled at her. “I promise. Now. Lets go back in there and talk to the boys. We need to get our plan set up.” he replied, getting up and walking Lilly to the kitchen door. When they walked into the living room, the aura changed instantly from happy to puzzled. They were curious about what the two had talked about for so long in the kitchen. And of course, the nosiest of them all had to be the first one to ask.

"What did you guys talk about in there?” Junsu quizzed, crawling over to sit in front of Yunho, who had taken his place on the black leather recliner.

Yunho looked at Lilly, who nodded at him. He looked down at Junsu and began to explain. “Lilly thinks that Siwon is setting a trap for us. She has a plan. But you all need to listen very closely to her. You got that? Just because she is a girl does not mean she cannot whoop your ass. And she has my full permission to do so.” He told them, gesturing for Lilly to take point.

"Okay. Heres my theory. Siwon seems to be onto us. So I suggest that we split you guys up into teams. Now. The ones who are going are Yunho, Junsu, Changmin, Yoochun, Jonghyun, Taemin, and Minho. Thats seven people. Now. We need....” Her sentence was cut off by a knock on the door. She stood up to answer it, and when she opened it she smiled.

Changmin had arrived, with a layout of the warehouse."So sorry I'm late. What did I miss?” he asked, settling down on the couch next to Onew.

"Not much. Lilly was explaining her new plan. Lilly, continue.” Yunho ordered, and she nodded.

"Okay where was I? Oh yes. We need at least one of you in the car. It would be better if we had eight, so there could be two, but I digress.” She said, before Changmin interrupted her. Again.

"Actually, we do have eight. Hankyung is coming. Hes a fellow undercover detective.” He said, and nodded for her to go on.

"Okay. Thats great. Anyway. Now since there is eight, we can divide you evenly. We need two people in the car. Junsu, you and Hankyung will take that position. Now. There are three ways into this warehouse. The front, the back, and the roof. Changmin, You take Minho through the front. Yunho, You and Jonghyun will take the roof entrance. Which leaves the back door for Yoochun and Taemin. Now, when you get in, Jae is in the far room to the right. Stay to the walls and don't let security see you. If you are spotted then shoot them, or twist their neck. Yunho, the entrance on the roof is positioned directly above Jaejoong's room. Let the others get in first, then wait for my signal to drop.” she explained.

Changmin gawked at her. "How do you know all this? How to station people?” he demanded, looking at her.

"I worked as an undercover FBI agent. In America. I do know these things. Don't be so surprised. And shut your mouth you will make your jaw cramp if you stay like that much longer” she said, smiling at him. He hadn't realized he had been staring at her with his jaw almost all the way to the floor. He shut his mouth and she continued to talk. "Now. On my signal, Yunho will drop into Jaejoong's room. He will then use the key for the handcuffs I am going to give him., and free Jae of his chains. When I give the signal again, Yunho will attach Jae to the rope that Jonghyun has on the roof, and he will be pulled up to freedom, after Jaejoong is out Yunho you will be able to get out the same way.

"The rest of you, if you can, take out all the cameras and the guards. On the chance that Siwon is there, waiting, you will take him out as well. Get out as fast as you can, get into the van, and go. If this plan works, you will have Jae back in a matter of fifteen minutes.” She finished, getting up and walking over to her purse. She pulled out a little black case, and came back to sit down.When she opened the case, everyone peeked in to see what it was. Inside were ten earpeices, and a communication headset for her. She handed each member of the team of eight their earpeice and then opened the other part of the box. Inside lay ten pairs of diamond earrings.

"Now these arent just earrings. They are tracking earrings. I will know every second where you are. The earpeices are so I can communicate with you and tell you what to do. Got it?” she asked, closing the black box.

"Lilly, how on earth do you get these things?” Yoochun asked, putting his pair of earrings in. She smiled at him.

"If I told you I would have to kill you. Top secret” she said, managing a smile. This was a really good plan. Even if it was thought up by a girl.


Siwon chuckled as he entered Jaejoong's bedroom. “are you excited, my angel?” he asked, seeing the look on Jaejoong's face when he walked in.

"Never. It sickens me to see you.” Jaejoong shot back, bracing himself for an attack. It never came."Your friends are going to try to rescue you tomorrow. They played right into my trap. Can you believe it, darling? Tomorrow when they come to save you they will all die. How entertaining, don't you think, dear?” he laughed evilly.

Jaejoong gasped."Why are you doing all this. Please don't hurt them! Why?” He stuttered, trying to grasp what Siwon had just told him. Siwon had set a trap...and they didnt know....oh God.

"Because they took you from me. They deserve to die. They did an awful thing and in turn need to be punished. I will kill them, one by one, until all of them are dead. And there is nothing you can do about it. Because you are always going to be mine. And after tomorrow, you will have no choice but to stay.” Siwon grinned, walking over to Jae and touching his leg."Plus, after they are gone, I can have my way with you once more, my little sex kitten.” He smiled, and leaned in to kiss Jae.

Jaejoong pushed him off. “Stay away from my friends. And stay away from me, you coldhearted bastard!' he screamed, only to get knocked out by a fist the size of a small cantalope.

Siwon grinned and walked out of the room. Tomorrow would prove to be a very fine day, indeed.

Aug. 12th, 2010

Fighter Chapter 9

Yunho paced back and forth on the living room floor. He was waiting anxiously on a call from Changmin.

"Hyung, you are going to wear down the carpet if you keep pacing like that.” Junsu pointed out, trying to get Yunho to stop and sit. It worked. Yunho sat down in the chair and held his head in his hands.

"Why hasn't he called yet. I need to know how Jae is.” He mumbled, not aware of the others staring at him like deer in headlights. They all seriously did not know what was going through his mind. Of course, not even he himself knew what was going through his mind at that moment. All he knew was that he needed hes Jae back.

"Hyung, please talk to us. We want to help!” Key chimed in, hoping to get Yunho's attention, but to no avail. Yunho was lost in his thoughts, something that had just started happening more frequently. Key looked at him, and then shook his head. It was hopeless trying to get through to him. When he was lost this far in his thoughts it was almost impossible to get throught to him. Unless of course you used violence, in which case he would snap out of it and react by smacking you across the face, and none of the boys seemed to want to have a bruise on their faces.

Taemin looked at Junsu. “What are we gonna do about him. He's not eating, not sleeping, he's not.....” his sentence was cut short by the sound of a phone going off. It was changmin at last. Yunho flipped his phone open.

"Changmin!...............What the hell took you so long.......You saw Jae?....How is he?...........he has him chained to the bed?.......I'll kill him......How much longer?....a few days?....do we even have that long?..............alright, get to know that place, will you? So when we all go to get jae we can get a map layout. Or somethng.......okay.....alright.......okay.....mhm....bye.” He closed his phone and smiled. Jae was okay. At least for now.

"Jae is okay. At least for now, at any rate. Changmin said that he looked really tired and scared, but thats probably normal, for something like that. I don't know. But anyway, He is fine. We should be able to get him back by the end of this week.” Yunho smiled, and hugged Yoochun, who was the closest to him at the time.

"Whoa there cowboy, slow down. We still have to get this act together before we even attempt to rescue him. We have to wait for changmin to tell us when. It could be today, it could be three days from now. But we still need to prepare. Im seriously gonna start smackin some hoes if I get a hold of.....nevermind.” Jonghyun explained, trailing off on the end. He wasnt usually the violent type, but damn if you pissed him off he gets to be the kind of guy you want to run from.

"Yeah. He is right. But I for one think that if changmin gets us a map of the place, we can go in as soon as we get our hands on some weapons. I know this guy. He has gaurds and lookouts and informants all over the freaking place. We have to be SUPER careful. If we get caught, we are good as dead.” Minho said bluntly, never the one to sugar coat anything. He had known Siwon for many years now, they had gone to the same college and had been assigned as partners more than once.

Yunho nodded. He knew the two were right, and he also knew that if he was wreckless about this, the plan would falter and they would all go down. He looked at the boys for a few seconds, before walking down to the basement. He came back up with a pouch in his hand, and sat next to Taemin. The boys looked at him with confused faces, but Yunho didnt notice. He turn the sack over, and a single, .22 caliber pistol dropped onto the floor with a soft thud. They boys stared at it, open eyed, and then looked up at Yunho.

"What is that for?” Taemin asked, shrinking away from the gun.

"It's for me to kill Siwon with. I bought this before I picked up Jaejoong from Siwons house. He had told me that he didnt know when siwon would get back from his business trip, so I bought this in case of...well if things went wrong. And I do believe things have gone wrong. But I wanted to tell you guys something. If Siwona nd I get in a physical fight and I am injured, I want one of you to pick the gun up and shoot. As many times as you can. I dont care if it kills me, because I know I at least would have died protecting the one I love the most. And there is only one of you here that I want to be the one to shoot.” Yunho explained to the wide-eyed boys on the floor.

"Who could you possibly want to be the one to shoot if you dont?” Key asked, quite confused by the man's announcement. “Because I can tell you that none of us would want to shoot you...we all love you too much.”\"Yunho nodded. He understood what Key was saying. And in truth he knew that it was a bad idea to even suggest someone else to hold a gun, because frankly he was the only real stable one in the group. The only one who could shoot once and kill. ( Of course Changmin could too, but he was too busy with other things to even bother with that idea.)

Yunho looked around the room. Everyone got the feeling that they were going to be the one chosen for the deed, but none of them expected him to pick them. They knew that he would only pick one person. And that person would have to love jae as much as he did. Someone who would stay with him if Yunho died fighting Siwon. Someone who.....The identity of that “Someone” soon became clear. They all knew in their hearts now who yunho would want to pull that trigger if he couldnt do it himself. They looked at eachother with wide eyes and finally their gaze rested on one boy. The boy who loved Jaejoong as much as Yunho did, just not in that same way. The boy who had, until recently, Been a particularly happy boy. The boy who had everything going for him.

The boy with the Mushroom haircut.

"Me?!?!” Taemin squeaked, holding tight to Lily. “Why on earth would you want me to do it! You know im a scardey cat!” He continued, trying to reason with Yunho.

"You because you love Jaejoong just as much as I do. Because you can take care of him if I die. Because you and Lily can make sure he has a nice home with you. Because I need you too.” Yunho said, stooping down to be at Taemin's level. He wanted him to see the need in his eyes, the pain, the anger, the hurt. His eyes were glistening with tears, a sign that he himself wouldnt even want to do such a thing if it were the other way around. But just that one look explained everything.

"o...okay. I will do it. But only for Jaejoong. But I know that I wont have to because you will be perfectly fine when we do this and be able to shoot him yourself.” Taemin stuttered. He knew deep in his heart that he was only trying to console himself into thinking he would never have to touch that gun. Because he hoped beyond all his wildest dreams that he would never have to pull that trigger.

"Yunho, we need to all be armed. But what about Lily? I dont want her going with us and personally id otn think taemin wants her to go either. Its going to be far to dangerous. It would be wise to leave her here with your two friends, wouldnt it?” Onew said, glancing at Lily and taemin, who were holding eachother. Yunho nodded. Onew was right. Lily didnt need to go. It would be much to dangerous for He and the others, let alone a fragile girl. He pulled a knife out of his pocket and walked over to Lily.

"here. Put this in a spot on your body that noone can see it. In case siwon sends people out to find you and the others.” He handed the blade to Lily, who took it and just looked down at it. She wasnt sure what to do about it but she knew if Yunho was giving this to her, he had to know that this was going to be a very very dangerous mission they would be undergoing very soon. She nodded then, and Pulled up her skirt. Under her skirt she wore a garter belt, and she tucked the knife gently inside of it. The room of boys watched as she let her skirt fall, and the knife was completely hidden from sight. If they hadn't of watched her put it there, they themselves wouldnt have known that she was concealing a knife on her toned upper thigh. It looked almost as though she had known exactly where to put it....

"I worked as an undercover agent once. When I was in America.” She said, to the boys who were all staring at her. She smiled, then sat next to taemin. “So who is staying here with me, exactly?” She asked, curious.

"Well of course Daesung and Seungri, And Onew and Key. I need Jonghyun, Minho, and the others. But Onew and Key know how to protect themselves.” Yunho answered her, sitting down on the sofa next to Key.

"Aww why do I have to stay? I wanted to go with you.” Key pouted, clearly upset he didnt get to go be a hero and save the day like he wanted to.

"You have to stay because you and Onew have a car. If we call you you and tell you to get Lily out of there, you do it.” Yunho said, explaining things bit by bit. This plan was going to work. He knew it.


Changmin was escorted into Jaejoongs room once more by Siwon. When he entered, he took notice of the thin, pale man seated on the bed. Jaejoong's blonde hair was all over the place, like it had been long forgotten and not tended to in weeks. Changmin also noticed that he looked thinner and paler. But there was no time to discuss that. He had to get Jae out of there. This was the third time he had come to see him in a week."You know, Mr. Shim, since you are over here with Jae so much I got you something.” Siwon said, handing Changmin a small box. Changmin took it, and carefully opened it. It was nothing more than a key.

"What would this be for?” he asked, curious as to why Siwon would give him a key to the warehouse.

"For you. You happen to be my..i mean jaejoong's best client. And you tip very well. So you have earned the key to this wearhouse. You can come anytime you like. Just let me know when.” he replied, smiling.

"Thank you. I really apreciate it. Jae is very good in bed, as you have said before.” Changmin said, so jaejoong could hear him. Jaejoong blushed at this, so that Siwon would think that they had actually been doing things, instead of just sitting on the bed talking, and groaning every once in a while to make the gaurds outside the door think they were having sex.

"Its my pleasure Mr. Shim. I will leave you to your business now. You know what to do when you are done.” Siwon said, closing the door as he left. Changmin walked over to Jaejoong's bed and hugged him.

"I have the key now! I can get you out anytime! All I have to do is make sure Siwon is gone. You will be free in no time, buddy.” He said, smiling and laighing.

Jaejoong smiled back, hugging his friend feircely. “You have no idea how much I love you right now.” he said, happy to know that in just a few days he would be back with his Yunho. The two sat on the bed and talked, about nothing in particular, moaning every now and again so the gaurds outside the door didnt get any ideas.

When it was finally time for Changmin to leave, he smiled at Jae. He knocked on the door three times, and the guard let him out. He handed his money to Siwon, who then walked him to the door. Before he opened it, Siwon stopped him. “Oh I forgot to tell you that I will be on a trip tomorrow. I wont get back til late at night. So if you want to get some action tomorrow just use your key. Okay?” He smiled, and opened the door.

"Alright. Thanks again.” Changmin answered, and walked out. He heard the door close behind him, and smiled. He pulled out his cellphone, excited to finally be able to call Yunho. The plan was working. And if he timed it right, they would get jae back before Siwon ever returned from his trip. This was a major step in the plan, and he was happy to be the one to inform Yunho.

He chuckled, and looked back at the warehouse. “Just wait, Siwon. You will get whats yours in the end. I promise.”

A/N: I am so sorry it took me so long to get this posted. my computer was being a jerk and stuff..and i had writers block out of this world. took me three weeks to write this. please dont stone me. -bakes cookies-

Aug. 5th, 2010

500 Miles

    500 Miles

length: doubleshot

Summary: Yunho and Jaejoong have been talking for the past six months....online. One day, Jaejoong asked him if they would ever meet. He then proceeded to tell Yunho that he lived in Seoul...only 500 miles away from him. Yunho answered that he didn't know, because money was very tight. The subject was dropped, and they started to talk about other things. In reality, Yunho had been saving up for a trip like this, and he wanted it to be a surprise for Jae. So the Next day Yunho took off to see the guy he was falling for...in real life. When Yunho finally reaches the apartment building that Jae lives in, he gets butterflies, but he continues up the stairwell to apartment 6, where the unsuspecting Jaejoong awaits. Will jae be happy to see him??????


names are as follows

Yunho: TigersGoRawr
Jaejoong: StrawberryPanda

Changmin: SexyHips

Junsu: DuckButt4Life

Yoochun: MadScientistPwns

Chapter 1

TigersGoRawr has signed in
StrawberryPanda has signed in

StrawberryPanda: Yunho. ^.^

TigersGoRawr: Hey Jae.
StrawberryPanda: How was your day?

TigersGoRawr: Boring, as per usual. And yours?

StrawberryPanda: Amazing. I got an A on my writing essay.

TigersGoRawr: Congrats JaeJae. :)

StrawberryPanda: Thank you, Yunnie. =)

TigersGoRawr: Oh crap. Junsu is home. That means.....

DuckButt4Life has signed in.

StrawberryPanda: Junsu! :)

TigersGoRawr: damnit.

DuckButt4Life: Yunho. -_-

TigersGoRawr: Junsu. -_-

StrawberryPanda: Jaejoong! :)

TigersGoRawr: You, Jae, are a dork

StrawberryPanda: Yeppers!

DuckButt4Life: Hahah. Where is Your adorable brother, Jaejoong?

StrawberryPanda: Probably studying for an exam. My guess is a science exam.

DuckButt4Life: He is so smart and adorable. <3
TigersGoRawr: Can you do me a favor, Junsu

DuckButt4Life: What could you possibly want from me.

TigersGoRawr: GO AWAY!

DuckButt4Life: Why should I? Yoochuns probably gonna  be done studying soon.

StrawberryPanda: Yeah he said he would be on about 8:30. what time is it?

TigersGoRawr: Time for Su to get the fuck out.

DuckButt4Life: NOES **holds on to Jae** Jae don't make me leaves.

StrawberryPanda: I'm sorry but Your older brother is the boss, honey.

MadScientistPwns has signed in.

Duckbutt4Life: Yoochunnie! **huggles him**

MadScientistPwns: Hey Suzi. **Hugs him back**

DuckButt4Life: Yunho is trying to make me leave. :(

TigersGoRawr: Hey there Yoochun. Studying hard for that Science exam?

MadScientistPwns: You betcha, Yunho. It will be super easy because of my awesomeness in Chemistry. Like the chemistry between you and Jae, its so Solid.

TigersGoRawr: Wha?

StrawberryPanda: **Blushes**

DuckButt4Life: **giggles hysterically**

MadScientistPwns: **laughs like an evil maniac**

TigersGoRawr: Why would you say that, Yoochun.

MadScientistPwns: because you guys are practically see through and we all know you like eachother. Even Changminnie thinks so. You really need to hide your feelings, man.

TigersGoRawr: I have no idea what you are talking about.

DuckButt4Life: Denial.

MadScientistPwns: Very.

DuckButt4Life: We don't deny our love for eachother, do we Chunniebear.

MadScientistPwns: Never in a million years, Suzi. **kisses**

StrawberryPanda: awws look at that, Yunho. Its so adorable. To have a love that can be that far apart.

TigersGoRawr: Yeah. Sure.

MadScientistPwns: I'm just messing with you guys. But I do have to go.. I have to get back to studying. Gnight guys. **hugs Junsu**

DuckButt4Life: Goodnight babycakes.**hugs back**

MadScientistPwns has signed out

DuckButt4Life: I should go too. I wanna call him before I go to bed. Gnight Jae. Gnight Yunho.

StrawberryPanda: Gnight SuSu. **hugs**

TigersGoRawr:  Gnight Su. Dont forget to get the laundry out of the dryer.

DuckButt4Life: kk. Goodnight guys.

DuckButt4life has signed out

TigersGoRawr:  Hey Jae?

StrawberryPanda: hmm?

TigersGoRawr: What was your brother talking about?  About being transparent about feelings?

StrawberryPanda: Oh....nothing! Dont worry about him he just talks to much and says things that he doesnt....

TigersGoRawr: You do like me.

StrawberryPanda: **Panics** um um um. Oh I just remembered I have an exam I have to study for. Calculus. Bye!

StrawberryPanda has signed out.

TigersGoRawr: I like you too.

MadScientistPwns has signed in

TigersGoRawr: Yoochun.

MadScientistPwns: Yunho

TigersGoRawr: Why did you say the stuff about feelings and transparency earlier?

MadScientistPwns: Nevermind. You will figure it out soon enough.

TigersGoRawr:  URRRG. **sigh**

MadScientistPwns: But I came back to talk to you.

TigersGoRawr: Oh?

MadScientistPwns: Yeah. About Jae.

TigersGoRawr: What about him.

MadScientistPwns: He was talking to me earlier about how much he would like to see you. But because of the distance it wouldn't be wise for you to come all the way here. Because of the fact its 500 miles from where you are to Seoul. But that boy talks about you a lot.

TigersGoRawr: **blush** really? I never thought he would like me like that........ Oh well I'm probably just dreaming. He would never.....

MadScientistPwns: Never do what?

TigersGoRawr: Nothing. Nevermind. Forget I said anything.

MadScientistPwns: You like him too, don't you.

TigersGoRawr: Yeah. I mean its hard not to.

MadScientistPwns: He likes you, Yunho. He really does. He would love it if you were to come here. But I wouldn't try it. The economy and all...

TigersGoRawr: Yoochun help me plan a surprise meeting with Jae.

MadScientistPwns: You really want to come to see him?

TigersGoRawr: More than anything, Chun. More than anything.

MadScientistPwns: Okie dokie.

SexyHips has signed in

SexyHips: Hey people of the online world! Sexy me has come to save the day!

TigersGoRawr: Changmin, can you help us out?

SexyHips: Sure what do you need, Hyung?

MadScientistPwns: We are planning a surprise meeting for Jae. Yunho has realized how much he loves him.

SexyHips: Oh okay. So what am I supposed to do?

TigersGoRawr: I need you to distract Jae. I mean when I get the money to go.

MadScientistPwns:  We both can do that. We will take him shopping for a few hours. He loves to shop.

SexyHips: Yeah and we can help you pay for the trip too.

TigersGoRawr: Oh that wont be necessary. I can pay for it.

MadScientistPwns: Will you bring Su? I want to meet him.

TigersGoRawr: Yeah sure! We both have great jobs. So it wont take us long. Hang on a minute. Ill go ask him.

DuckButt4Life has signed in

TigersGoRawr: Nevermind. We can ask him now.

DuckButt4Life: ask who what?

SexyHips: Ask you if you want to accompany Yunho when he comes to see Jae. You would get to see Chun.

DuckButt4Life: Count me in. We leave tomorrow.

TigersGoRawr: Tomorrow? Since when were we going to go THAT early?

DuckButt4Life: Since you said I was gonna see my ChunnieBunnie.

MadScientistPwns: **smiles** I cant wait.

TigersGoRawr: Okay. Junsu we are going to take my car. Pack some clothes, cause I'm sure we will go shopping while we are there. We need Drinks and stuff for the 500 mile trip, so we will leave early in the morning and will probably get there late night. So the next day we will go shopping and get gifts for everyone, and then.....Then what Yoochun?

MadScientistPwns: Changmin and I will take Jae to the mall when You call and let us know you are in town. How about when you guys get done shopping you call us, and then we will all head to a food Joint for lunch. Jae, Minnie and I will get there first, and when we get there I will text you and after that you wait five minutes and sit at a booth behind us. Text me when you get to the booth,  and sit on the side where Jae cant see any of you. So sit behind the part he is sitting in.

SexyHips: Then when We have all been there about twenty minutes, Junsu you get up and pretend you have to go to the bathroom and look at our table, just long enough for Jae to start asking if that was you or not. Then I will get up and walk past Yunhos booth and be all “Yunho?” and then Jae will get all excited and then things will go from there. Any questions?

TigersGoRawr: Nope. We better go! Gotta get some sleep before we head out tomorrow morning. Gnight Guys. Lets hope this plan works. I'll let you know when we leave in the morning. That way you know about what time we will be there so you will know what time to be up to so we can call you and let you know what time to have Jae at the mall the next morning.

MadScientistPwns: OK! Goodnight guys! **high-fives everyone in the room and Kisses Junsu**

DuckButt4Life: Goodnight everyone. **Kisses back** Come on Yunho. Its bedtime!


DuckButt4Life has signed out

TigersGoRawr has signed out

SexyHips: I'm so excited. I can't wait to see JaeJae's face when he sees yunho.

MadScientistPwns: Me either. Now we have some big plans to set in action. We better go to bed. Dont forget to do your homework goober.

SexyHips: Yes sir.. Goodnight Hyung.

MadScientistPwns: Goodnight Min Min.

SexyHips has signed out

MadScientistPwns has signed out

Jul. 26th, 2010

Letters to Jaejoong

Dear Jaejoong,

Hello! My name is Brennon Arnett. I am a big fan of TVXQ. You and Yunho are my very favorite members. Anyway, my friends and I really enjoy listening to all your music. It makes me sad to think that I became a fan right before TVXQ had to break up for a while, but I will always keep the faith. TVXQ gave me so much hope that I could do anything, and that I could follow my dreams, and for that I really thank you. You have probably heard this before from countless other fans, but I have always wanted to be a singer. I can also play the piano, and I have been doing so for 11 years. I have been singing for about that long as well. I know it sounds silly but ever since I began listening to TVXQ, I have realized that dreams can come true. I really admire you, because you seem to be very out there, and brave. And that you give so many people hope. I hope that one day I can be like you. To be able to give so many people hope like you and the others do would be something that I would treasure for the rest of my life. Sometimes I wonder how you do it. It seems so easy when you are on camara, singing and dancing. But it cant be that easy, can it?

Anyway, I know that you may get this a lot, but to be honest I like your hair blonde. I myself am blonde, but I dont really think that matters a whole lot. I really admire the way you can be yourself whenever you are on stage or off. It sounds crazy, but I really think that when you and the others act like idiots off stage, or on stage, It just makes me like TVXQ even more. I dont own any of your CD's, but I think it would be great to have one. I just cant afford it. My family is going through a lot of money issues. But I dont let that get to me. I stay happy most the time because I listen to Balloons. A lot. And I am always with my friends. I have four brothers, so I am not very lady like when it comes to doing things. But I love to cook. Do you?

I know that you are constantly told by fangirls that you are beautiful, or gorgeous, but I am not writing to be like that. I actually dont think much about looks. I think it is the talent that you posses that makes you my favorite member. Of course all of the members are talented as well, I am not saying that they aren't, but I would actually rather know the real people behind the voices than look at the way they look. If you dont mind I would like to share one of my memories about one of the first times I sang in front of a crowd. It was a few months ago, and I was singing in church. I was really nervous but when I thought about TVXQ my nervousness went away. Afterwords I was praised for my voice. They told me that for being sixteen I have an amazing voice, and it doesnt seem to be that I am 16 anymore when I sing. Okay thats enough. Im starting to brag. But to me music is my life. It always has been my passion and then when I started watching TVXQ music videos and live performances, I realized that I can follow my dreams and try to do as well as you guys do.

I have to end this letter now, as I have many thoughts that I want to express but cannot find words to express them. I hope that you are successful in all you do, and God bless you for everything you have helped me through. Good luck with all that you do.

Always Keeping the Faith,

Brennon Arnett

Jul. 24th, 2010

Fighter Chapter 8

"The next day Junsu was the first to awaken. As the first to awaken, he went upstairs and started to prepare a meal. The others soon followed, waking to the scent to eggs, bacon and biscuits.

Yoochun was the first to walk in, kissing Junsu on the cheek before sitting down to his morning cup of coffee."Good morning, beautiful. Thank you for making breakfast for us” Yoochun said, smiling at Junsu. The other boys followed one by one, Taemin and Lily walking in last, hand in hand.

"So. Lets get down to the plan.” Yunho said, not caring about eating. All he cared about was getting Jaejoong back.

"Ok, but while you are talking I'm freaking eating. I'm starving.” Key said, digging into the pile of food that he had piled on his plate.

Yunho nodded “Yeah. You guys go ahead and eat. I am not that hungry, so I will just talk.” He said, and the others, who had been waiting for his approval, started to eat.

"Ok. So tell us your plan, Yunho. We want to know how we are gonna save Jaejoong.” Lily, who had never spoken before, said very quietly.

Taemin held her. “Yeah please tell us.” He said, between bites of bacon.

"Ok. So I have a plan. Taemin, you and Lily will stay here with Seungri and Daesung. The rest of us are going to go shopping. For weapons. If I find this bastard I will kill.....” His sentence was cut off by a phone call. He quickly answered."Hello?........ Changmin!..... You did?...... Where?.....Thats great.....Man you have no idea how much I love you....you have a plan?......well what are you going to do?......Oh that sounds good.....how long do you think it will take to earn his trust.....a week?.....damnit changmin we dont have......Fine.....You be careful....bye...” Yunho finished his conversation and hung up the phone.

He looked at the rest of the group, wide eyed."Changmin found them. And he has a plan. Better than mine actually. He says he found out that Siwon wants to sell Jaejoong's body for money, wants to prostitute him out. He says he is going to go to him, pretending to be interested in Jae. After about a week we are supposed to get a call from him telling us to get over there, so we can get Jae back.” Yunho said, staring at Taemin, for no reason at all.

"Holy shit. Thank God he found them...” Jonghyun said, still chewing on a piece of biscuit.

"So we have to stay here for a week?” Yoochun said, looking at Seungri and Daesung, not wanting to impose anymore than they had to.

Daesung smiled. “You all can stay here as long as you need. We enjoy your company.” He said, smiling at the others. Yunho nodded, affirming the others question.

They ate the rest of their breakfast in silence. Taemin and Lily finished first, heading off into the living room, to talk amongst themselves on the couch. Lily smiled a lot, and Yunho thought to himself that Taemin had found a great girl. She was really nice, and was genuinely concerned about Jaejoong's safety."Taemin? Can I talk to you for a second?” Yunho said, finishing his breakfast and walking into the living room.

"Yeah...” Taemin replied, a little confused, but still concerned for his best friend. He followed Yunho into the hallway, where they could talk in privacy.

"Is everything okay, Yunho-ah?” Taemin asked, concerned.

"No. I can't do this anymore. I need him back. So bad. I love him so much, Taemin.” Yunho said to him, sliding down the wall, breaking into sobs.

Taemin's heart broke when he saw this. He sat next to Yunho, and wrapped his arms around him. “Yunho, we will save him. Please stop crying. I promise we will get him back. I love you both, and I want you two together. We will get him back. Yunho I promise we will get him back.” Taemin choked out, hugging his friend tight.

Lily had walked over unnoticed, and held Yunho's hand “Yunho? Is there any way I can help?” she asked, her voice hushed.

Yunho smiled and patted her hand “Yes. You can promise me you will take care of my little Mushroom boy here. I don't know you that well but I can tell that you love him. You may not be the girl I would have picked, but since I met you I have changed my mind about that. You two are perfect for eachother. Promise me you won't ever hurt him. Please.” Yunho looked at her, searching her face for an answer.

She smiled. “I love Taemin very much. I promise I will protect him. And I won't hurt him. I promise, Yunho. I promise. Now you have to promise me something.” She said, looking him straight in the face.

"Anything” he choked, trying to conceal his tears.

"Promise me that you will be strong from this moment on. Jaejoong needs you. You have to be strong for him. We will find this. And I wont stay here. Jaejoong needs all of us. But he needs you the most. Promise me you will be strong for him.” Lily demanded softly, trying not to cry herself.

"I promise, Lily. I promise.” Yunho answered, squeezing her hand reassuringly. They both smiled and then all three returned to the living room.


"So what we are going to do is go with Changmins plan. But we have to plan how to do the raid. I say that we just go in and kill the bastard.” Yunho explained to the group gathered in the living room, sitting on the floor in a circle.

"Yunho. Really I know you wanna kill him but lets think logically here. So we know that Changmin is going to pretend he isn interested in Jaejoong as a prostitute, so we can imagine that if he gives Siwon his so called business, he will gain his trust.” Taemin replied, trying to explain his idea.

"Yeah” came the groups reply.

"So if Changmin can gain his trust, he can tell him that he has 'friends' that are also interested in Jaejoong. Siwon won't know that he is talking about us. Now here is where the planning gets rough.....” Taemin explained to the group, as they listened intently. They WERE going to get Jaejoong back. And if everything went as planned, they would have him back by the end of the week.


Jaejoong awoke to the sound of hushed talking. Two men were sitting at the table, quietly discussing something. He rubbed his eyes, clearing them so he could see. Siwon was sitting at the table drinking tea with a man in a business suit. He had a briefcase, so it had to have been some kind of business thing going on. He quickly surveyed the other man, wondering if he could get help from him when he realized who it was sitting there, conversing with the horrible man he once called his lover.

Changmin. The man sitting with him was Changmin. He gasped in surprise, causing himself to hit his head on the back of the bed. He winced in pain as Siwon got up and walked over to him.

"Oh dear, are you hurt, angel?” he asked, touching Jaejoong's head where he had bumped it.

Jaejoong backed away from the touch."Dont. Touch. Me.” he said, glancing at Changmin, who put a finger to his lips to silence him. It was then that Jaejoong realized that Changmin was working undercover, trying to save him. How very gallant of him, Jaejoong thought.

Siwon gritted his teeth. “ This is your punishment Joongie. You will be my little prostitute. This man here will be the first of your clients.” He motioned to Changmin, who smiled as though he had never met Jaejoong.

Jaejoong pretended not to know him. “ I will not be a prostitute. Not for you, not for him, not for anyone. Im not a piece of meat you can just sell.” He argued, hands flailing in the air.

Siwon smacked him “You will do as I say. Now I am going to leave. And if you dont have sex with this man and get the money, I will punish you.” he said, walking toward the door.

"Mr. Shim. Have fun. He really is good in bed.” he winked at Changmin, before leaving and bolting the door.

Changmin moved over to the bed. He wrapped his arms around Jaejoong and smiled. “Don't worry. You dont have to have sex with me. He doesnt have the cameras for this room yet so he wont know. I suppose you know why I am here?” he said, hugging his friend.

"Oh changmin thank god you found me. Yeah I know why you are here. To save me.” Jaejoong said, rattling his chains.

"Well not today. I have to wait a week, so I can gain his trust. But I promise when I save you it will be all of us. And I promise you that that bastard will die.”

Jul. 22nd, 2010

Fighter chapter 7

Jaejoong awoke. He lifted an arm to rub his eyes, but stopped once he saw the chains. His eyes bugged out as remembered where he was. Siwon had taken him. He started to cry as he thought about all the Boys in the house. They would be worried sick. He had to figure out a way to get himself out of this....

"Good morning, Angel. You slept well I trust?” Siwon asked, walking in from a door, previously locked.

"Why am I here? Why did you take me away?” Jaejoong choked, his throat sore from screaming last night.Siwon's expression suddenly turned serious.

“You have been a bad boy, my angel. You ran away from me. And you will be punished for it.” he said, as he walked to the bed, striding slowly to Jaejoong's side

."Punished? Why would you punish me I didn't do any.....”Jaejoong stopped mid-sentence as a huge hand came smashing down on his face, knocking him off the side of bed.

"You ran away and you will be punished. God says I should punish you.” Siwon growled. He picked up the frail boy and flung him back onto the bed. “But all in good time, my love. For now I have to go, church is calling.” he bent down to kiss Jaejoong, but Jaejoong turned away. He smacked the red face again, and turned to walk away. He walked to the door, shutting it behind him, and locking it. There was no way that Jaejoong was going to get out of this one.


Yunho paced up and down the living room floor, the others watching him with teary eyes."Yunho, what are we gonna do?” Taemin whispered, scared to talk. They were all afraid to talk. Afraid to think. Afraid to move. They were frozen in place by fear, and they were afraid to say anything about it.Yunho walked over to Taemin, and wrapped his arms around the young boy.

“I don't know. But we will figure something out. We will get him back, Taemin. I promise we will, if I have to die getting him back for us I will get him back.” His voice cracked, as he stroked the Sobbing boy's hair.

"We need to call the police. If we tell them who did it....” Yoochun started, before being cut off by Changmin.

"You idiot! I am the police. But nonetheless they do need to get involved. But for now I will go undercover and try to find them.” he stood. “If I find anything I will let you guys know. I am going to go down to the station and fill out some papers. I'll call you. Yunho, be careful. Take care of Taemin. Don't let him leave. Siwon knows him and he may try to get him as well.” Changmin warned, glancing worriedly at the two still sobbing together. Siwon was the kind who if he saw someone he liked he would take them. And Changmin had heard numerous times that Siwon was looking for Taemin, so he was of course very concerned.

"I won't. My honor. And Changmin, if you find anything let us know. Please.” Yunho said, still holding the crying and sniffling Taemin."I will.” he replied, and walked out the door.

"Yunho we can't just leave this all up to Changmin. If we do then it may end up being to late for Jaejoong. And I don't know what we would do if...” Yoochun trailed off, his voice breaking.

Junsu looked at him, and finished his sentence. “If we lost him.” he said, looking at Yunho with tear filled eyes. Junsu was huddled close to Yoochun, for support.Yunho nodded, scared out of his mind.

“You are right. We cannot just leave this all up to Changmin. But we can have a plan. And I do.” he stated, looking at all three of the others."

Taemin looked up from the chair. “I still have to stay here, right?” he asked. When Yunho nodded, he pulled out his cell phone. “I am going to text Lilly. Tell her that I am staying with you tonight. And that I wont be home for a few days. Wait. Now that I think about it, I would rather have her here. What if Siwon gets her?” he looked up, eyes wide. Yunho nodded again. Taemin looked at his phone and started to text. “So it looks as thought you guys will get to meet her tonight. And don't worry about getting her. She is with Jonghyun and his girlfriend right now. I can have them bring her over. I will let them know the situation is urgent.” he looked at Yunho, who just nodded again.

"Yunho. What are we going to do? We need to get him back. I can't stand having him gone. It isn't right. Siwon needs to be either imprisoned or put in an asylum. He's a psycho.” Junsu shivered. “I can't even imagine the things he is doing to...”

"DONT. SAY. IT.” Yunho shouted, not wanting to hear what was on the end of Junsu's sentence. “ We will get him back. I told you I had a plan.” he looked at Junsu, and sat on the table.

"Oppa, what is your plan?” Taemin said, wiping his eyes. “Oh. And Jonghyun is on his way with Key and Minho, and Lily. They decided they were going to stay too. And Onew will be here tomorrow. If that is okay with you, Yunnie-Oppa.” he added, looking at his Hyung for approval.

Yunho nodded “It would be safest. But we aren't staying here, we are going to go over to one of my friends house. I have already called him. He doesn't know Siwon so we will be safe there for a few days.” Yunho explained, “Pack your bags. We are going to stay with Seungri. He and Daesung are going to let us stay in their basement.” He continued, nodding at the three others to start packing

"I am so lucky I keep clothes here....otherwise I would be wearing these for a few days” Taemin observed, walking over to the window seat and opening it, revealing all his clothes he kept there.

"Junsu laughed. “ That's true. And we don't want a stinky Taemin. No matter how much we love you.” he giggled, hugging Taemin and smiled. “We would have to stick you in the closet all day and you not be able to come out.” he joked, messing with the youngest boy's hair.

Just then the doorbell rang. Yunho answered it, and it was Jonghyun and the others, ready to stay. He quickly told them the plan, and they started to their cars. They drove about six Km out of town, till they reached a villa out in the countryside. They pulled into the drive, and were greeted by the two of Yunho's friends.

"Hey there! I'm Daesung and this is my dongsaeng, Seungri. We are happy that you are coming to stay with us. Even if it is under bad circumstances. Please, let me show you inside” Daesung, the oldest brother smiled. He seemed to be a very happy-go-lucky type of guy. Seungri on the other hand was very quiet, all he did was smile at them.

"Thank you for letting us stay here. You know all the members of SHINee. This is Taemin, Key Minho, and Jonghyun. Guys, this is Daesung and Seungri of Big Bang” Yunho initiated the meeting of the boys. “The other member, Onew , will be here tomorrow. He is busy.” he added, walking in the door, bending so he wouldn't hit his head.

"Oh how nice of you to come along! And I suppose this is the lovely Lily everyone has been telling me about?” Daesung smiled at the girl that was holding Taemins hand. She smiled back and laid her head on Taemin's shoulder.

"Yes, this is my amazing and beautiful Fiance.” Taemin smiled, kissing Lily's forehead. She smiled and nodded in greeting to the rest of the huge group.

"alright, we need to get to sleep. We have a big day tomorrow. Thank you guys for letting us stay here. We really appreciate it.” Yunho nodded, walking down the basement stairs. The others followed. They soon had their sleeping arrangements, and soon there were eight sleeping forms, resting to get ready for whatever Yunho had planned for the next day.

Jul. 21st, 2010

Fighter chapter 6

“ME?!?!?!”  Junsu croaked, falling over on the pillows. He was stunned speechless.

Yunho nodded “Yep. He told me himself, about a month ago.  He told me that he had liked you since you had first met.” Yunho stated rather bluntly,

“ I WILL MURDER YOU, JUNG YUNHO!!!!” Yoochun screamed, pillow ready to strike. “I told you to keep it a secret! You promised me you wouldn't tell!” he started crying.

“Yoochun.” came a small voice. He looked up to see Junsu standing over him.

“mm” was all he could manage.

“It's okay if you like me. Because I also had a secret. Only I told Jaejoong. I like you too. Since we met.” the chipper little man said, smiling at Yoochun.

“oh.” was all Yoochun could say. He wrapped Junsu in his arms, and began laughing. Only this time everyone was laughing. It really was a happy moment.

An hour or so later, Taemin arrived for dinner. “ Hey Yunho.” he said, slapping him on the back as he entered the house. (of course, the house had been cleaned so it didn't look like four boys had a pillow fight) Taemin glanced around the house, grinning at the guys' they were all older than him. But he considered them to be older brothers.

“Taemin! How nice of you to come by!” Jaejoong smiled, hugging the youngest boy.

“Hey Jae-Umma! How are you? Are you better?” He asked, concerned,

“Oh I am much better. All I needed was some sleep. Now I am all rested and ready to go! Heehee. Yunho tells me that you released your album and new MV.” Jaejoong smiled, full of curiosity.

“Yep! The internet was clogged when we got it up. The very first one to see it was my fiance. She was so ecstatic. I'm so glad I have her. She supports me in every way.” Taemin grinned, talking of his soon-to-be wife made him happy.

“aww. My little Mushroom boy is growing up so fast” Jaejoong pouted, then smiled. “ you definatly have to bring her by sometime. I'll cook dinner for us.  I really wanna meet this American that makes my little Taemin happy.” he grinned, and hugged Taemin.

“Oh, Jaejoong, she makes me so happy. I love her so much. I never thought I would be this much in love with anyone, let alone an American girl, but here I am, head over heels for her. I love it. And that sounds like a great idea. I would love that.” he smiled at Jaejoong, then went to hug the rest of the boys.

“An American girl, eh? Is she pretty?” Changmin, the Youngest of Tohoshinki, asked him.

“She is beautiful. But she is also beautiful on the inside too. And thats really what matters” Taemin replied, smiling from ear to ear.

 “ Thats true. So what does she look like?”  Changmin pressed.

“She is beautiful. In every way. Her eyes are as blue as the ocean,  but they can become as green as the summer grass when she is wearing a certain color. Her hair is the color of gold, and she always has it up in a ponytail, although she looks gorgeous when it is let down, long and straight.” He reminisced.

“Anything else?”

“Mhm. She loves the color red, and she is most beautiful when she smiles. She doesn't care about the fame or the money. She just cares about who I am. And she is an amazing cook. But still nothing compared to Jaejoong.” he smiled, thinking of his fiance.

“She sounds wonderful. I can't wait to meet her. So, whats her name?” Curiosity still controlled Changmin.

“Her name is Lilly.” Taemin answered, smiling at the older boy.

Jaejoong had been listening in for some time, and spoke before Changmin could. “Lilly? What a beautiful name. She does sound like such a wonderful girl. Now, if you are hungry, dinner is ready” he smiled at the youngest two boys, turning around to go into the dining room.

The six boys sat down at the table, filling their plates. When everyone had gotten something, they said grace and started to eat. They ate in silence for a few minutes, until Yunho broke the silence. “Congratulations on the engagement, Taemin. I'm happy for you.” he smiled, before putting noodles on his chop-sticks.
“ but yours is not the only romance in this house” he said, winking at Jaejoong, who blushed.

“omo! You mean you and Jaejoong-Umma?” Taemin gasped, dropping his noodles back on the plate. It did not surprise him that it was true, it surprised him that Yunho would tell him so straight-forwardly.

“mhm. And not just us either” Yunho added, glancing at Yoochun and Junsu, who were whispering to eachother, smiling and blushing.

“Oh my! Seems to be a lot of love going on in this house. Well I am happy for both the couples. And I know Lilly will be ecstatic about this. She has always admired you guys, you know.” Taemin exclaimed, completely forgetting about his plate. He was much more interested in the gossip. Teenagers. Haha.

“Really? Then we must meet her soon.” Jaejoong smiled, and cleared the table. They were all too busy with being happy to think about eating.

“okay. I will bring her over sometime this week! She will be so happy to know that you want to meet her. Although I cant guaruntee she wont ask for your autographs, haha.” Taemin laughed, and stood to help Jaejoong.

Jaejoong let him help load the dishwasher. He was happy that Taemin had found someone that made him so happy, as happy as he was with Yunho. He had never seen his self-appointed “son” this happy, and it made him smile to see that he never stopped smiling. He wiped at his eyes, tired and worn out from all the day's events.

“Taemin, honey I think I'm gonna go get ready for bed. You can stay tonight if you would like.” he said, wiping his wet hands on the towel hanging over the sink.

“Alright. I will stay, but I do have to leave in the morning. Busy day. Photo shoot for “Lucifer”. Key would kill me if I didn't show up. But I'm going to stay so I can keep an eye on you. Not that I need to, Yunho seems to be watching you really closely.” he nudged him, giggling a little.

“yeah. He is a very good boyfreind. This just happened today. Can you believe it? Anyway I'll be in the bedroom if anyone needs me. Goodnight, little one.”Jaejoong said, hugging Taemin to him. He released him, and walked off toward the bedrooms. Taemin walked into the living room, where everyone was having coffee.

“....he is too fragile for this, Yunho.” Changmin was saying when Taemin walked in.

“ I dont know what you are talking about, but Changmin is right. He is way to fragile to do anything. He needs to rest for a few days.” Taemin said, sitting down on the white leather chair next to the leader of DBSK.

“ But he needs to go to the police. We can't just sit here, that would hurt him even more. Something needs to happen before.....” he was cut off mid-sentence by a blood curdling scream. Jaejoongs blood curdling scream, resonating from the bedroom.

“JAEJOONG!” the all exclaimed in unison, scrambling to the hallway to get to the bedroom door. When they finally got there, they were afraid to open it.

“Yunho-ah, open it...” Taemin whispered, scared out of his mind, praying that nothing was wrong. But all of them knew in their hearts something was wrong. They could feel it.

“Gimme a sec!” he snapped, preparing himself for the worst. He finally worked up the courage to open the door, and when the room came into view, he instantly wish he hadn't.

The window next to the desk was broken, and Jaejoong gone. A note lay on the desk, addressed to the members of Tohoshinki. Yunho reached for it, hands shaking. Taemin held tight to his “Oppas” arm,  afraid to let go. “Yunho....” he whispered, choking back tears, “Please read it to us...” he said, breaking down into tears.

Yunho nodded, holding on to the letter and Taemin. He carefully opened, the envolope, and a lock of hair fell out. Jaejoong's hair. He ignored it for the time being, and unfolded the paper. He started to read.

“ 'To the members of Tohoshinki. I have taken Jaejoong back. It was a bitch move for you to take him from me. God will punish you for this, and so will I. Yunho, stay away from him. I will put you in your grave if you even try to find where we are. My little angel is safe, do not worry. But he will receive punishment for running away from me. I have left you a lock of his hair, for that is all you will ever see of him again. God's deciple, Siwon Choi'”

He finished reading it out loud, then promptly dropped the letter, absentmindedly. He walked over to the window, and stared out at the pale white moon. Somehow, he thought, he would get his Jaejoongie back. Somehow.

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Jul. 20th, 2010

Fighter ch. 5

"what are you all staring at?” Jaejoong asked curiously.

He knew the answer to that question. They were all staring at him. His shirt had become unbuttoned, exposing his toned alabaster chest, and he wore only his boxers to match. His hair was all messed up from sleeping and he had a sheepish grin on his face. He grinned at Yunho, who immediately got the feeling that all this wasn't just from sleeping.

Yunho couldn't take his eyes off of Jaejoong. He was awestruck by how easy it was for innocent Jae to turn into such a sex God, for that is what he looked like to Yunho, and the sudden thought of making love to Jaejoong on an alter somewhere as a gift to a God sprang to his attention, and unfortunately another part of his body sprang to attention at the same time.

He crossed his legs in attempt to hide his apparent attraction to the sex god on legs standing in the hallway, but everyone had noticed it and they were grinning from ear to ear, laughing at the uncomfortable man sitting in the lazy boy recliner hiding his erection.

“So Yunho, is that a banana in your pockets or are you extremely happy to see Jaejoong?” Yoochun laughed, poking the older man's side.

"Shut up, Park Yoochun, before I force you too.” Yunho managed, still entranced by the oh-so-luscious Jaejoong.

"Sheesh, Can't you take a joke, man? You are the one with the extreme boner and trying to hide it. Let it out man. Just let it out.” Yoochun told him, referring to the lump in Yunho's EXTREMELY tight pants.

"Yoochun. Shut. The. Fuck. Up.” Yunho growled, getting up. He walked in front of Yoochun. “Jaejoong what are you doing?” he inquired, still trying to get his hormones to calm down.

"What do you mean, Yunnie? I only just woke up. I came out of the bedroom to get some water” he grinned, stepping around Yunho and starting to the kitchen.

“Plus I wanted to see the reaction you would have to me half dressed. I found my answer.” he glanced back, smiled, and walked into the kitchen, out of earshot.

The three men that were watching intensely suddenly burst into gut-wrenching laughter. Yoochun, again, was the first to regain his breath and start talking “HAHA! Yunho you so just got rejected. He didnt want anything! I think I'm gonna die from laughing so hard!” he managed, before bursting into laughter again

."You asshole.” Yunho groaned, and threw a pillow at Yoochun, hitting him in the face. The other two boys started laughing harder, provoking Yunho to throw pillows at them

"Jaejoong totally turned you on and then turned you down! Thats funny shit there!” Junsu laughed, “ how romantic. 'Jaejoong-ah, you make me so horny' 'I do? Well sorry but I just want some water'” !!! Junsu poked fun at Yunho

"Kim Junsu you will pay for that!!!!” Yunho yelled, and jumped on top of Junsu, hitting him repeatedly with a pink fuzzy pillow, laughing along with the others

."Um, what is going on in here?” Jaejoong asked, coming back in with the glass of water, seeing the large pile of boys and pillows on the floor."Yunho noticed the boy standing there, and blushed.

"oh its nothing! We were just having a pillow fight....” he said, not wanting Jaejoong to know the reason why.

"Oh. Why?” Jaejoong asked, making Yunho blush harder. Jaejoong laughed, and wondered why Yunho was blushing. He did find it funny though, that Yunho, of all the boys in the house, was the only one blushing.

"Oh no reason. Yoochun just said something that made me mad. So I attacked him with pillows, and the other two just randomly joined in. So it randomly became a four way pillow fight” he managed, trying to stick to the real story, but not tell what Yoochun said.

"Oh. Well then. I think I'm gonna go back to bed. Wake me up for dinner, k?” he smiled, looking at Yunho for the answer.

"yeah. I'll be sure to. Oh, by the way, SHINee released that new video of thiers. Lucifer? I watched it, its really good, just so you know. Taemin called to say hello as well. He hopes you get better. He may be coming over later.” Yunho said, smiling.

"Ah. If I am not awake, tell him I said hello. Goodnight, Yunnie. Yoochun. Changmin. Junsu.” he nodded at the three others, before returning to his bedroom.

"Yunnie? Yep your whipped man.” Yoochun whispered to Yunho, who promply hit him again with a pillow

"Shut up. Don't you think its rude to talk about other people like that when they know your secrets?” Yunho suggested.

Yoochun flinched. "Sorry man. Didn't mean it like that. Seriously. Secrets are meant to be kept....” he whispered again, hoping Yunho wouldn't pursue that subject any longer.

"Chun, what are you talking about, secrets?” Junsu, always the nosy one, inquired. Yunho spoke before Yoochun had a chance to silence him.

“ I have it in the strictest confidence that Yoochun here is in love with one of our members.” he said.

"OOOOOOOHHHH which one?” Junsu pursued further.

Before Yoochun could stop him, Yunho looked Junsu straight in the eye. “You.”

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Jul. 19th, 2010

Fighter ch. 4

The three boys sat on the couch, totally dumbfounded by what they had just heard. Yoochun was the first to recover his speaking skills."I knew you would end up making out or something. I could sense it. Actually, if you two hadn't done anything, I would have tried to get you two together.” He stated. Yunho looked at him, and laughed. He knew the younger man to be bluffing. Yoochun had always been the one to break awkward silences.

Junsu spoke next. “You are such a liar. And you know it. Yunho, What happened in there? Will you tell us? I love romantic stories.” Junsu obsessed, always the hopelessly romantic one of the group.Yunho shook his head. He wanted to tell them, wanted to let them know how much he loved Jaejoong, But for some strange reason something was holding him back.

He walked into the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. After what happened with Jaejoong, he really needed it. His lips were cracked from kissing him so long, but he didn't mind. He liked it. Actually, he loved it. Kissing Jaejoong was like refreshing a thirst that can never be completely satisfied. But then again, he liked the idea that he could kiss his Jaejoongie for hours and not grow tired of it.

He smiled at the thought of it as he left the kitchen to join the three others in the living room. As he sat down on the leather lazy boy reclining chair, he noticed the three were staring at him. He sighed, knowing he would have to tell them what went on behind that closed door. But he would make them wait. What? Can't a man think around here without being stared at?” he asked, trying to buy himself time to think about how to explain what happened.

"Sure he can. If he would tell us what happened in there!” YooSu exclaimed in unison, looking like they would jump him at any second if he kept them waiting.

"would you two shut it? Let the man think, for crying out loud. He just got home and got done helping Jaejoong. In more than one way, so it seems, considering the circumstances in which you are questioning him. Let him rest or by god I will smack both of you out cold. Got it??” Changmin ordered, shutting the two boys up immediately. He seemed to be the only one who was able to do so, taking into consideration that he worked for the Seoul police force, as an undercover detective and when he said he would knock you out, he meant it. No shit.

The two interested in what happened in the bedroom went back to staring at Yunho, hoping that they could somehow, telepathically, gain the knowledge of what took place in that bedroom. Yoochun gave Yunho his best puppy dog face, but Yunho was too engulfed in what stood in the archway leading to the bedroom.

Everyone turned their attention to whatever was entrancing Yunho, and were struck speechless by what they saw.

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